NCERT Solutions Class 7 English The Tiny Teacher

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NCERT Solutions for Class 7 English for The Tiny Teacher

Comprehension Check

Question 1. The story of an ant’s life sounds almost untrue.
The italicised phrase means

(i) highly exaggerated.
(ii) too remarkable to be true.
(iii) not based on facts.
(ii) too remarkable to be true.

Question 2. Complete the following sentences.

(i) An ant is the smallest, _________________

(ii) We know a number of facts about an ant’s life because ___________


(i) An ant is the smallest, the commonest but the wisest insect.

(ii) We know a number of facts about an ant’s life because people have kept ants as pets, and have watched their daily behaviour closely.

Question 3. In what ways is an ant’s life peaceful?


An ant’s life is peaceful because they do their own work and never fight with other ants of the same group. They know sharing and contribution and do not interface in the other’s work.

Comprehension Check

Question 1. How long does it take for a grub to become a complete ant?


It takes five to six weeks for a grub to become a complete ant.
Question 2. Why do the worker ants carry the grubs about?
 The worker ants carry them about daily for airing, exercise and sunshine.
Question 3. What jobs are new ants trained for?

The jobs which the new ants are trained for are workers, soldiers, builders, cleaners, etc.

Question 4. Name some other creatures that live in anthills.
Some other creatures that live in anthills are beetles, lesser breeds of ants, greenfly etc.
Question 5. Mention three things we can learn from the ‘tiny teacher’. Give reasons for choosing these items.
We can learn team work as ants do their work by sharing and contribution without interface in the other’s work.
We can learn hard work as ants spend their most of time in doing their respective jobs without hesitation.
We can learn discipline as ants live a disciplined life and always follow the rules of their group and loyal towards it.
Discuss the following topics in groups.
Question 1. (i) What problems are you likely to face if you keep ants as pets? 
(ii) When a group of bees finds nectar, it informs other bees of its location, quantity, etc. through dancing. Can you guess what ants communicate to their fellow ants by touching one another’s feelers?
These questions are supposed to be done in groups. Students have to do this by their own. If further demanded, our team will provide the solution.
Question 2. Complete the following poem with words from the box below. Then recite the poem.
Soldiers live in barracks
And birds in ———————,
Much like a snake that rests
In a ———————. No horse is able
To sleep except in a ———————.
And a dog lives well,
Mind you, only in a ———————.
To say ‘hi’ to an ant, if you will,
You may have to climb an ———————.
hole kennel nests anthill stable 

Soldiers live in barracks
And bird in nests ,
Much like a snake that rests
In a hole. No horse is able
To sleep except in a stable.
And a dog lives well,
Mind you, only in a kennel.
To say 'hi' to an ant, if you will,
You may have to climb an anthill.


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