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NCERT Solutions for Class 7 English for chapter 5 Quality

Answer the following questions.


Question 1. What was the author’s opinion about Mr Gessler as a bootmaker?


According to the author, Mr. Gessler was the best shoemaker in the city. He made only what was ordered and what he made never failed to fit. The boot made by him yet seems mysterious and wonderful. He was the perfect artist in this job.

Question 2. Why did the author visit the shop so infrequently?


The boots made by Mr. Gessler lasted terribly lasts longer than the usual like having something beyond temporary.. Therefore, the author visit the shop so infrequently.


Question 3. What was the effect on Mr Gessler of the author’s remark about a certain pair of boots?


When author’s remark about a certain pair of boots, Mr Gessler surprisingly looked at him for a time to withdrew or qualify his statement. After that, he asked the author to get the pair back and if he could do nothing of them then he would take them off his bill.

Question 4. What was Mr Gessler’s complaint against “big firms”?


Mr Gessler’s complaint against “big firms” that they didn't have self respect. They got their business by advertisement not by work. Every year, the sell of Mr Gessler is getting less because of them and soon he will left with no job.

Question 5. Why did the author order so many pairs of boots? Did he really need them?


The author got shocked and Filled with sorrow when he knew about the death of Mr Gessler’s elder brother. In order to help him, he ordered so many pairs of boots. No, he did't really need them.

Working with Language

Question I. Study the following phrases and their meanings. Use them appropriately to complete the sentences that follow.
look after: take care of
look down on: disapprove or regard as inferior
look in (on someone): make a short visit
look into: investigate
look out: be careful
look up: improve
look up to: admire

(i) After a very long spell of heat, the weather is ...................... at last.
(ii) We have no right to ................... people who do small jobs.
(iii) Nitin has always ................ his uncle, who is a self-made man.
(iv) The police are .................... the matter thoroughly.
(v) If you want to go out, I will .......................... the children for you.
(vi) I promise to ......................... on your brother when I visit Lucknow next.
(vi) .................. when you are crossing the main road.


(i) After a very long spell of heat, the weather is looking up at last.

(ii) We have no right to look down on people who do small jobs.

(iii) Nitin has always looked up to his uncle, who is a self-made man.

(iv) The police are looking into the matter thoroughly.

(v) If you want to go out, I will look after the children for you.

(vi) I promise to look in on your brother when I visit Lucknow next.

(vii) Look out when you are crossing the main road.

Question 3. Each of the following words contains the sound ‘sh’ (as in shine) in the beginning or in the middle or at the end. First speak out all the words clearly. Then arrange the words in three groups in the table on page 80.

          sheep        trash      marsh       fashion

         anxious       shriek      shore        fish

         portion        ashes      sure        nation

          shoe        pushing    polish      moustache



Initial            Medial             Final

Sheep            fashion            trash

shriek            portion            marsh

shore              ashes            anxious

sure              nation             fish

shoe             pushing            polish



Question 4. In each of the following words ‘ch’ represents the same consonant sound as in ‘chair’. The words on the left have this sound initially. Those on the right have it finally. Speak each word clearly.

            choose         bench

            child          march

            cheese          peach

            chair          wretch

          charming        research


Underline the letters representing this sound in each of the following words.

     (i) feature            (iv) reaching             (vii) riches

    (ii) archery            (v) nature               (viii) batch

    (iii) picture            (vi) matches              (ix) church


(i) Feature

(ii) Archery

(iii) Picture

(iv) Reaching

(v) Nature

(vi) Matches

(vii) Riches

(viii) Batch

(ix) Church



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