NCERT Solutions Class 7 English Dad and the Cat and the Tree Poem

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NCERT Solutions for Class 7 English for Dad and the Cat and the Tree Poem

Working with the Poem

Question 1. Why was Dad sure he wouldn’t fall?
Dad was sure he wouldn’t fall because he thought himself as a climber and climbing on trees was a child’s play for him.

Question 2. Which phrase in the poem expresses Dad’s self-confidence best?


The phrase in the poem expresses Dad’s self-confidence best is 'Child’s play, this is!'

Question 3. Describe Plan A and its consequences.


Plan A was to use the ladder in climbing the tree for bringing the cat down but it slipped and Dad landed in the flower bed.

Question 4. Plan C was a success. What went wrong then?

Plan C was a success as Dad successfully jumped on the tree and landed flat right on the cat. The cat gave a yell and sprang on the ground but poor old Dad struck on the tree.


Question 5. The cat was very happy to be on the ground. Pick out the phrase used to express this idea.
The phrase used to express this idea is 'Pleased as Punch to be'.

Question 6. Describe the Cat and Dad situation in the beginning and at the end of the poem.

The cat was stuck on the tree and Dad was trying his plans to bring it down in the begining but at the end of the poem the cat sprang to the ground safely but Dad got stuck on the tree.


Question 7. Why and when did Dad say each of the following?
(i) Fall?
(ii) Never mind
(iii) Funny joke
(iv) Rubbish
(i) Dad said 'Fall?' when Mum warned him about fall while climbing the tree. He said so scornfully.
(ii) Dad said 'Never mind' when he fall from the ladder due to slip for the first time. He said so to make clear that everything is alright.
(iii) Dad said 'Funny joke' when Mum warned him of falling again. He said so because he was over confident of the success of the his Plan B.
(iv) Dad said 'Rubbish' when Mum asked him to stop else he will break his neck after his Plan B failed. He said so because he thought that his Plan C will work and he will climb the tree easily.

Question 8. Do you find the poem humorous? Read aloud lines which make you laugh.
Yes, the poem is humorous. It draws funny situation of Dad while climbing trees. Moreover, Dad over confidence of climbing tree added more humour to the poem. The dialogue is written in more funny way.


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