NCERT Solutions Class 7 English The Bear Story

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NCERT Solutions for Class 7 English for The Bear Story


Answer the following questions.

Question 1. Where did the lady find the bear cub? How did she bring it up?
The lady found the bear cub in the forest. It was brought up on the bottle because it was half dead of hunger and was so small and helpless.
Question 2. The bear grew up but "he was a most amiable bear". Give three examples to prove this.
Three examples to prove that the bear grew up but "he was a most amiable bear" :
(i) He did not dream of harming anybody, man or beast.
(ii) He look with his small intelligent eyes most amicably at the cattle grazing in the field near by.
(iii) The children used to ride on his back and he didn't harm them.
Question 3. What did the bear eat? There were two things he was not allowed to do. What were they?
He ate the same food as the dogs and often out of the same plate like bread, porridge, potato, cabbage, turnip. He likes fruit the best. Two things he was not allowed to do were to climb trees and touch the beehives.
Question 4. When was the bear tied up with a chain? Why?
He was tied up with chain whenever he done mischief. He was also put in chain during nights and on Sundays when his mistress went to spend the afternoon with her married sister. It was done because it was not supposed to be good for him to wander about in the forest with all its temptations; it was better to and be on the safe side.
Question 5. What happened one Sunday when the lady was going to her sister’s house? What did the lady do? What was the bear’s reaction?

One Sunday when the lady was going to her sister’s house, a bear was coming to her in the forest at full speed. Thinking that it was her bear, she scolded him and told him to go back as she didn't want him to came with her. She became very angry when she saw that bear lost his new collar and hit him on his nose with her parasol.The bear opened his mouth several times as if he wanted to say something and looked at her with his cunning eyes. After that, it turned around and went on its way.

Question 6. Why was the bear looking sorry for himself in the evening? Why did the cook get angry with her mistress?

The bear was looking sorry for himself in the evening because he had been chained for the whole Sunday afternoon and was looking for his mistress without doing anything. The cook got angry with her mistress because she scolding the bear without any mistake who had been sitting there quite still on his haunches as meek as an angel, looking the whole time towards the gate for the mistress to come back.

Discuss the following topics in groups.
Question 1. Most people keep dogs and cats as pets. Can you think of some unusual pets that people keep?
Yes, there are some people who instead of taming dogs and cats. start keeping some unusual pets. Such pets may be a tiger cub, a monkey a bear, a horse, etc.
Question 2. The second bear did not attack the lady because he was afraid of her. Do you agree?
No, i don't agree that second bear did not attack the lady because he was afraid of her. I think, the second bear was also amiable and want to befriend with someone. Even when she lost her appetite and scolded him and hit the bear with her parasol, he didn't attacked her. Although, bears are able to kill a person easily. He opened his mouth several times as if he wanted to say something and looked at her with his cunning eyes which seems that he was not afraid of her at all but wanted to be loved by her. He had come stopping now and then look at the lady till at last she lost sight of him which shows the affection of him with the lady.


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