NCERT Solutions Class 6th Social Science History What Where How and When

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NCERT Solutions for Class 6th for Social Science History Chapter 1 What Where How and When


Question 1. Match the following:

(a)Narmada Valley

(1) The first big kingdom.


(2) Hunting and gathering.

(c)Garo hills

(3) Cities about 2500 years ago.

(d)Indus and its tributaries

(4) Early agriculture.

(e)Ganga Valley

(5) The first cities.



Narmada Valley ———————-Hunting and gathering.

Magadha ——————————The first big kingdom.

Garo hills——————————- Early agriculture.

Indus and its tributaries————— Cities about 2500 years ago.

Ganga Valley ——————————- The first cities.


Question 2. List one major difference between a manuscript and inscription.


(i) Manuscript: The old book written by hands are called manuscript. They are usually written on palm leaf or on specially prepared bark of a tree known as birch which grows in the Himalayas.

(ii) Inscription: Inscription are written on hard surfaces such as stone or metal.


Question 3. Return the Rasheed’a question. Can you think of some answer to it?

Answer. Rasheed’a question was how could anyone Know what had happened so many year ago. There are various ways by which the people can know about the past.

(1) The remains left by the early man in the form of tools. weapons, pottery, jewelery etc.

(2) After man had learnt the art of writing he wrote on leaves bark of the trees and even on hard material. We have been able to read the script of these people (in many case).


Question 4. Make a list of all the objects that archaeologists many find. which of these could be made of stone?

Answer. The archaeologists study the remains of buildings made of stone and brick. painting and sculpture. They also dig in under the surface of the earth to find tools. weapons, pots, pans and ornaments and coin. Toll and weapons could have been made of stone. Buildings were also made of stone.


Question 5. Why do you think ordinary men and women did not generally keep records of what they did?

Answer. The ordinary men did not keep a reward of what they did because they did not know how to read and write. There was a specialized class of a people called ‘scribes’ who recorded all the events.


Question 6.Describe at least two ways, in which you think the lives of the kings would have been different from those of farmers.

Answer.(i) King: The king led a luxurious life. He mad all the decisions for the society and looked after their welfare. They led the armies in war.

(ii) Farmers: They worked very hard to grow crops for the people. They led an ordinary life. where he could barely fulfill his needs.


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