NCERT Solutions Class 6th Social Science History What Books And Burials Tells Us

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NCERT Solutions for Class 6th for Social Science History chapter 5 What Books And Burials Tells Us

Let’s Recall

1. Match the columns


Stone boulder




Well said


Used in Battles





Well said


Used in Battles






Stone boulder


2. Complete the sentences:


(a) Slaves were used for  ————————

-  do whatever work their masters wanted.


(b) Megaliths are found in  ————————

-  the Deccan, south India, in the north-east and Kashmir.


(c) Stone circles or boulders on the surface were used to  ————————

-  indicate that there were burial beneath.


(d) Port-holes were used for  ————————

-  entering the burial places.


(e) People at Inamgaon ate  ————————

-  barley , wheat , peas , pulses , rice , millets , fruits and seasames also animal flesh and fruits.


Let’s Discuss

3. In what ways are the books we read today different from the Rigveda?


The books we read today different from the Rigveda because the books we use are printed while Rigveda was recited and heard rather than read. The Rigveda is in old or Vedic Sanskrit.


4. What kind of evidence from burials do archaeologists use to find out whether there were social differences amongst those who were buried?


In Brahmagiri, archeologists found a skeleton buried with 33 gold beads, 2 stone beads, 4 copper bangles, and one conch shell while other skeletons have only a few pots. This help archealogists to find social differences amongst those who were buried.


5. In what ways do you think that the life of a raja was different from that of a dasa or dasi?


The life of raja was different from that of a dasa or dasi in following manner:

• Raja was a powerful leader who used to rule while Dasa or dasi are captured slaves who used to serve their masters.

• Raja can perform sacrifices while dasa or dasis could not.

• Raja was a free man while dasa or dasis have to do what their masters said.


Question 6.Find out whether your school library has a collection of books on religion, and list the names of five books from this collection.

Answer. The five books on religion are:



1. Guru GranthSahib


2. Zoroastrianism


3. Islam


4. Christians


5. Judaism

Old Testament

Question 7.Write down a short poem or song that you have memorised. Did you hear or read the poem or song? How did you learn it by heart?

Answer :A Song which we have memorized is a song from film Jagriti (1954), sung and written by the legendary poet and singerkaviWe heard and saw this song in film Jagriti, 2-3 times on TV. Also during Independence Day and Republic Day celebrations, this song is very often broadcasted by All India Radio and even telecasted by DoorDarshan on TV.

Question 8.In the Rigveda, people were described in terms of thework they did and the languages they spoke. In the table below, fill in the names of six people you know,choosing three men and three women. For each ofthem, mention the work they do and the languagethey speak. Would you like to add anything else tothe description?

Answer. In the Rig-Veda people were describe in term of the work they did and the language they spoke. In the table below fill the names fsix people you know, three men and three women. For each of them, mention the work they do and they language they speak. Would you like to add anything else to the description.




Anything else

1. Teacher in my school


English and Hindi.

Sometimes they act the scene with the help of the children.

2. Doctors (Male),

Gives medical treatment.

Generally Hindi sometimes English

Examines the body parts, gives medicine and sometimes a dose of injection

3. Vegetables Sellers (Male)

Sells vegetables


Use haggling and tries to give less weight

4. Maid-Servant (Female)

Does Households work


Sometimes cooks food and very often take leave

5. Driver (Male)

Drive our cars


Drop us to school, takes us to any other place

6. Salesgirl in the Shop (Female)

Display the goods in the shops and show them to customers

English and Hindi.

Gossip a lot, tries to sell the goods as quickly as possible


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