NCERT Solutions Class 6th Social Science History Buildings Paintings And Books

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NCERT Solutions for Class 6th for Social Science History for Chapter 12 Buildings Paintings And Books

Chapter 12 – Buildings paintings and books

Question 1:

1. Match the following:


Place where the image of the deity is installed




Circular path around the stupa


Place in temple where people could assemble

Pradakshina Patha








Place in temple where people could assemble


Place where the image of the deity is installed

Pradakshina Patha

Circular path around the stupa


Question 2: Fill in the blanks:

a. ———————— was a great astronomer.

Answer: Aryabhata

b. Stories about gods and goddesses are found in the ————————

Answer: Purana

c. ———————— is recognised as the author of the Sanskrit Ramayana.

Answer: Valmiki

d. ———————— and ———————— are two Tamil epics.

Answer: Silappadikaram, Manimekalai


Question 3:Make a list of the chapters in which you find mention of metal working. What are the metals objects mentioned or shown in those chapters?

Answer: The list of the chapters is:

• In the earliest cities: Copper used to make tools, gold and silver to make ornaments.

• What Books and Burials Tell us: Iron tools and weapons, ornaments of gold.

• Kingdoms, Kings and Early Republic: Iron or mines.

• Vital villages and Thriving Towns: Iron tools.

• Traders, Kings and Pilgrims: Gold as a gift.

• Buildings, Paintings and Books: Iron pillar, gold jewellery.


Question 4:Read the story on page 130 (NCERT Book). In what ways is the monkey king similar to or different from the kings you read about in Chapters 6 and 11?




• The monkey king as well as the kings felt the pulse of the public.

• The monkey king as well as others kings worked for the welfare of the people.



• The monkey king and his followers survived on the mango, while the other kings’ followers required proper food.

• The monkey king did not try to capture the other kings’ property, while the other kings did capture try to kill the monkey and their king for just a fruit.


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