NCERT Solutions Class 5 English Poem 9 Sing a Song of People

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NCERT Solutions for Class 5 English Marigold Poem 9 Sing a Song of People

1. Which modes of transport do the people use to move around in the city?

Ans. In the city people use cars, taxis, buses, trains, trams, rickshaws, etc. to move around.

2. What are the things that the people carry with them, while moving around.

Ans. While moving around, people carry bags, briefcases, suitcases etc.

3. Where all do you find these very busy people?

Ans. I find all these busy people on roads, on bus stops, on sidewalks, in market etc.

4. Where have you seen crowds of people?

Ans. I have seen crowds of people at railway stations, bus stands, shopping malls, stadium, cinema halls, fairs etc.

5. Why do you think all these people are in a hurry?

Ans. Because they have to do many things, and they have to go long distances.

6. Let’s write the opposites of the following words.

(i) slow

Ans. Fast.

(ii) back

Ans. front.

(iii) below

Ans. Above.

(iv) Loud

Ans. Slow.

(v) Up

Ans. Down.

(vi) Tall

Ans. Short.

(vii) Crowd

Ans. Alone.

(viii) Go

Ans. Come.


7. The people who live in cities often wish they could live in quiet towns. Do you like the place you live in? Tell your partner two things you like and don’t like about the place you live in.

Ans. I live in the main city. I like the place where I live. (i) There is a developed park with green grass and tall trees. I go for a walk there. (ii) There is a school, library, hospital and a market. We have all the things we need. (iii) There is a local bus stand. I can go wherever I like. Why I don’t like. However, (i) I have to travel a long distance for the main city, railway station etc.

(ii) It is very near to slum area so there is no proper law and order.

8. Did you observe that in the poem, the last words in every second and fourth line rhyme with each other? Can you write a four-line poem.

Ans. I live in a tall building

Like a bird in a nest,

Here I study

And here I rest.

9. Find out how many people are there in our country. Do you have enough land for all people on this earth? Is there enough food and water for all people?

Ans. There are more than one hundred crore people live in our country. We do not have enough land for all the people on the earth. There is not enough food and water for all the people.

10. Interview your teacher and get her responses for the following questions:

(a) Why did you become a teacher?

Ans. I became a teacher because I like teaching.

(b) How do you come to school every day?

Ans. I come to school in a Auto.

(c) Do you have a pet?

Ans. Yes, I have a pet.

(d) What kinds of books do you like to read?

Ans. I like to read current events.

(e) What are your hobbies?

Ans. My hobbies are reading books and newspaper travelling and surfing internet.

11. Now write a paragraph about your teacher with the information you have gathered.

Ans. My Teacher

My Teacher says she became a teacher because she likes teaching. She comes to school daily in a Auto. She has a cow and a dog as pets. She is a good reader. She likes to read current events. Her hobbies are reading, travelling and surfing the Internet.



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