NCERT Solutions Class 5 English Poem 3 My Shadow

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NCERT Solutions for Class 5 English Marigold Poem 3 My Shadow

1. Why do you think your shadow looks like?

Ans. I think my shadow looks like me.

2. Why do you think your shadow jumps into bed before you can?

Ans. When I go near my bed my shadow falls on the bed before can get into the bed.

3. What time of the day do you think when your shadow in the tallest? Why?

Ans. Morning.

4. Read the lines from the poem and answer the following.

He is very like me.

From the heels up to the head!

(a) Who does he refere to?

Ans. He refers to shadow.

(b) Who does me refer to?

Ans. Me refers to the speaker in the poem.

(c) Why are he and me alike?

Ans. He and me are alike Tie is the shadow of me.

5. Work in pairs and discuss the following. What would you do if

(a) A dog chases you?

Ans. I would not run away. The dog will also stop chasing.

(b) You have forgotten your homework copy at home?

Ans. I’ll tell the truth to the teacher.

(c) You are alone in a room and the lights go out?

Ans. I’ll wait till light comes back and arrange a candle light.

6. Shine a torch behind your hand and see its shadow on the wall. Move the torch a little away from your hand and see the shadow on the wall. Do you find a difference in the size of the hand on the wall?

Ans. Yes, there is a difference. The hand of shadow becomes smaller than the first shadow on the wall.

7. Fill in the blanks using one of the words given in the brackets.

(a) Where is the child ____ parents have come to school? (who/whose/which)

Ans. Whose.

(b) I saw many houses ___ were quite spacious. (which/whose/who)

Ans. Which.

(c) Mathematics ___ is my favourite subject, is so interesting. (who/which/that).

Ans. Which.

(d) The poem ____ you read out, is so lovely. (whose/which/that).

Ans. That.

(e) I know the street ___ he lives on. (whose/that/which)

Ans. That.

(f) I like reading books ___ have pictures in it. (that/who/which).

Ans. That.

(g) The old lady ___ I met in your house is my neighbour. (whom/that/which)

Ans. Whom.

8. Complete this description by answering the questions below.

(a) What do you think is the name of the dog?

Ans. I think the name of the dog is Shadow.

(b) Why is she called that?

Ans. She is called Shadow because she follows Mithoo like a shadow where she goes.

(c) What colour is she?

Ans. Her colour is grey.

(d) Do you think she is friendly.

Ans. Yes, she is a friendly dog.

(e) What does she like to eat?

Ans. She likes to eat a chop and dog biscuits.

9. Write a few line on Mithoo and his little dog named Shadow.

Ans. (i) She is a beautiful white dog.

(ii) She follows Mithoo like a shadow wherever she goes.

(iii) She is a friendly dog.

(iv) She like to eat pieces of bones. She has made a little house for shadow.

10. Say Aloud.

Ans. (i) Shoe

(ii) Shadow

(iii) Fish

(iv) Bush

(v) Ship

(vi) Sheep

(vii) Dish

(viii) Wash

(ix) Shell

(x) Shade

(xi) Wish

(xii) Brush



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