NCERT Solutions Class 5 English Poem 2 Teamwork

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NCERT Solutions for Class 5 English Marigold Poem 2 Teamwork

1. Do you like to work and play with others?

Ans. I like to work and play with other.

2. If nobody passes the ball in a basketball game, then you can’t.

Ans. Shoot.

3. In a relay race, if no one passes the baton, then

Ans. A relay race cannot go on.

4. Name the team members needed for the following.

(a) To play cricket we need

Ans. Batsmen, bowlers, fielders, coaches.

(b) To make a film we need

Ans. Directors, actors, viewers.

(c) To run a good school we need

Ans. Principal, teachers, peon, students.

(d) To run a restaurant we need

Ans. Manager, cooks, waiters, customers, dinners.

5. Complete the sets of rhyming words.


Words from the poem

Words from the words















6. Now form questions for the answers given in the speech bubbles.

(a) Why was the shoe lost?

Ans. The shoe was lost because of the nail.

(b) Why was the battle lost?

Ans. The battle was lost because there was no rider.

(c) Why was the kingdom lost?

Ans. The kingdom was lost because the battle could not be fought.

7. Now make three more questions and answers from the poem, Teamwork.

(a) Why was the rider lost?

Ans. The rider was lost for want of a horse.

(b) Why was the horse lost?

Ans. The horse was lost because of the shoe.

(c) Why was all lost?

Ans. All was lost for the want of a horse shoe nail.

8. Look at the picture and answer the questions in the sentence, using the word clues given in the box.

 NCERT Solutions

(a) Who is laying the bricks?

Ans. A mason is laying the bricks.

(b) Who is holding the ladder?

Ans. A labourer is holding the ladder.

(c) Who is the man on the ladder?

Ans. An electrician is on the ladder.

(d) Who is making the door?

Ans. A carpenter is making the door.

(e) Who is painting the walls?

Ans. A painter is painting the walls.


9. Now make up a story about the picture. Give names to the people. Write the story showing the importance of teamwork.

Ans. My Grandmother was going to build a house. I wondered how the house would be made. My grandmother told me that it was teamwork. He asked a contractor, Mukesh, to build the house. Mukesh had a team of workers. His mason Lal Chand and a few labourers started to build walls. And plumber Mannu laid water pipes. Bhatia, electrician, did all the electric work. Ram Swaroop the carpenter, Ram Lochan fitted the door and window the painter did a wonderful work. I was surprised how with the teamwork the contractor finished all the work in short time.

10. In group of five, discuss what you enjoy doing alone and what you like doing in a group.


Thing I like doing alone

Things I like doing in a group

Reading a book

Playing games

Doing homework

Going for a picnic

Writing a poem

Going for a swim

11. In your family, what activities are done individually and as a group?

Ans. My mother decides what dishes to cook.

My father decides where to invest his money.

I decide what to study.

We decide where we shall go for a holiday.

12. In the puzzle find the words given in the column. Notice that these words are formed by joining the words. One is done for you. Find some more such words.


 NCERT Solutions

13. Let’s write a poem.

Ans. I have a kite but need a friend to fly it with.

I know a song but need someone to hear it,

I have a ball but need someone to catch it,

I know a joke but need someone to share it with.

I have a telephone but need someone to talk to.

I have a dream but need someone to joy it.

I have lost my way so need someone to.

14. Write the contractions for the following phrases.

Ans. (i) has not hasn’t

(ii) are not aren’t

(iii) have not haven’t

(iv) do not don’t

15. Write the full forms for the following.

Ans. (i) weren’t were not

(ii) wasn’t was not

(iii) she’ll she will

(iv) who’s who is



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