NCERT Solutions Class 5 English Chapter 8 The Little Bully

NCERT Solutions for Class 5 English Marigold Chapter 8 The Little Bully

1. Why did all the children hate Hari?

(i) Because he would not talk to anyone.

(ii) Because he always pinched them.

(iii) Because he loved stealing their food.

Ans. (ii) Because he always pinched them.

2. “Nobody took Hari’s hand. Nobody went near him. Nobody played with him.” This shows that Hari had

(i) many friends

(ii) few friends

(iii) no friends

Ans. (iii) no friends.

3. Which of the following actions would make a friendly person? Write them down.

· Respecting other people.

· Eating a small child’s tiffin.

· Calling people rude names.

· Pushing a smaller boy and making him cry

· Being helpful to everyone.

· Helping your classmates in school.

· Mocking at friends and hurting their feelings.

· Protecting a weaker person.

Actions which would make a friendly person

Ans. (i) Respecting other people.

(ii) Being helpful to everyone.

(iii) Helping your classmates in school.

(iv) Protecting a weaker person.

4. From the story, find out words which are opposites or are closest to being the opposites of the words given below. Then write down the opposites in the grid.


1. smile

2. happy

4. strong


3. quiet

5. punish


 NCERT Solutions

5. Hari was pinched till he was black and blue. ‘Black and blue’ means.

(i) Hari fell down in pain.

(ii) There were bruises on his body.

(iii) Hari painted himself in colours.

(iv) Hari had a black and blue shirt.

Ans. (ii) There were bruises on his body.

6. ‘I shan’t pitch anyone anymore.’ Shan’t means

(i) Shall (ii) should (iii) shall not (iv) will not

Ans. Shall not.

7. Give the full forms of

Won’t _______________

Weren’t ______________

Wouldn’t _______________

Couldn’t ______________

Ans. Will not, were not, would not, could not.

8. Add – ly to the following words:

Clear, merry, weary, double, dreary, bright, bad, fond


















9. Now can you make sentences with these words?

Ans. Clearly: The old man’s eyes are weak. He cannot see things clearly.

Merrily: All the student rushed out Merrily, when the last ball rang.

Wearily: In the evening, the peasant walked home wearily.

Doubly: She is doubley blessed with a son and a promotion.

Drearily: Her sister was dressed on her birthday party.

Brightly: The diamond shines brightly in the dark.

Badly: He badly entertained the guest.

Fondly: The lady kissed her baby fondly.

10. How did the seaside creatures, the crab, the lobster etc. teach Hari a lesson? Write in a few lines.

Ans. The crab, the lobster, shrimps and prawns pinched Hari hard. They pinched till he was black and blue and cried in pain. Then he realized how pinching hurts. He decided never to pinch anybody in failure.


11. Fill in the blanks with appropriate articles.

(a) Hari was _____ unpopular boy.

Ans. An.

(b) The boys and girls went to _____ seaside for a picnic.

Ans. The.

(c) He saw ____ big crab coming towards him.

Ans. A.

(d) I found _____ empty bottles, floating in the water.

Ans. An.

(e) ____ sea creatures ate his food.

Ans. The.

12. Can you tell a difference between a turtle and a tortoise. Write a few lines.


A turtle

A Tortoise

1. Huge creatures with a hard cover

1. It has four legs

2. It has flippers

2. Its lives in pond river and land

3. It lives in the sea

3. The tortoise is a smaller creature then turtle

4. The female turtle comes to store to lay

4. Female tortoise lays her eggs in ground

13. Describe what is happening in the picture. Use is/are and ing to make your sentences. Clues are given in the box.

NCERT Solutions 

(i) Mary ____ up the slide.

Ans. Climbing.

(ii) Hari ____ and boxing her.

Ans. is kicking.

(iii) Little Bittoo _____ a lollipop.

Ans. is licking.

(iv) Rita ____ down the slide.

Ans. is sliding.

14. Imagine what the children will do in the playground tomorrow. You can take some hints from the words given in the box.

Play, footwall, jump, race, badminton, run

Ans. (i) John will play kabaddi tomorrow.

(ii) Parul and Priyanka will play badminton tomorrow.

(iii) Sunny and Munny will run a race.

(iv) Team A and Team B will play a football match.

(v) Sonu and Kabir will jump.

(vi) Anwar will participate in a race competition tomorrow.




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