NCERT Solutions Class 4 Mathematics Chapter 5 The Way The World Looks

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NCERT Solutions for Class 4 Mathematics Math Magic for Chapter 5 The Way The World Looks

Read the following passage and answer the questions that follow:

Chapter -5


1. Draw how the fan looks from below.

Ans.It looks as in the adjoining figure.

 NCERT Solutions

2. Can you think why Gappu could see the cheese on the jug but Chinky could not?

Ans.Gappu could see the cheese placed on the top of the jug as he was seeing it from the above. But Chinky could not see the cheese because she was running on the floor.

3. When I ran around in my house. It was looked so big! But from here. It looks small. How is that?

Ans.When we see things from nearby, they look big. When we see the same things from high above, they look small.

4. Look at the pictures given in the book and discuss why things look wide and big at this end but narrow and small at the other end.

Ans. Things look wide and big at the end close to us, whereas they look narrow and small at the end away from us.

5. Only one of the photos below is the correct match of the same pose. Mark it.

Ans.First photo from left is the correct match of the yoga pose shown above.

6. There are two different views of the same bowls in the book.

(a)In which photo are the bowls upside down?

Ans. (a)In the second photo, the bowls are upside down.

(b) Draw lines to match the side views with the top view of the following:

Ans.The matching of the side view with the top view is as under the following:

(i)A pipe

(ii)A funnel

 NCERT Solutions

7. Look in the book carefully and answer the questions:

(a) Mark the gate nearest to the sweet shop. A/B/C/D

Ans.The gate nearest to the sweet shop is A.

(b) If you enter from gate B, the green bench will be at your- Left/Right/Front.

Ans. (b)On entering from gate B, the green bench will be to our left.

(c) When Suhasini entered the park, the flower bed was to her right. Which gate did she enter from?

Ans. (c)Suhasini entered the park through gate D.

(d) Which of these is nearest to you if you enter from gate C?

1. Basketball 2. Flowerbed 3. Green bench 4. See-saw

Ans. (d)See-saw is nearest to me if I enter from gate C.

8. Ismail’s Home

(a) Did Ismail go wrong somewhere? Can you correct him?

Ans. (a)Yes, Ismail went wrong after crossing the bridge. He should have told Srijata to take the first left turn instead of the first right turn after the bridge.

(b) Show where Srijata will reach if she takes the route he told her?

Ans. (b)Srijata will reach in the opposite direction of Ismail’s house.

(c) Write the directions for going Ismail’s house to Srijata’s house.

Ans. (c)The required directions are:

“From Ismail’s house in the side lane come to the main road, cross the park and then take the first right turn and go over the bridge. Go straight and then take a left turn. From the second crossing take a right turn and you will reach Srijata’s house up in the lane.

9. Gibli and the Big Box.

(a) Can you guess what that box like thing was?

Ans. (a)It was a dice.

(b) The number on the opposite faces of this box add up to 7. Which number was on the opposite side of 5?

Ans. (b)The number of opposite side of 5 is 2. (because 7-5=2).

(c) In the picture, which number will be at the bottom?

Ans. (c)The number at the bottom is 6 (because 7-1=6).

(d) Which number will Gibli see if she again turns left from 5?

Ans. (d)On turning left from 5 Gibli see the number 1.

(e) What will this box look like if you opened it up? Mark the correct posture.

NCERT Solutions 

Ans. (e)Correct picture is A.



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