NCERT Solutions Class 4 EVS Chapter 5 Anita And The Honeybees

NCERT Solutions for Class 4 EVS Looking Around for Chapter 5 Anita And The Honeybees

A dream of School (Page 39)

Q.1. Find out how much money do you spend in one year for different school related things.



Money spent

1. Fees

Rs. 650

2. Travel to school and back

Rs. 500

3. Notebooks

Rs. 900

4. Pens-Pencils

Rs. 150

5. Uniforms

Rs. 600

6. School Bags

Rs. 250

7. Lunch Box

Rs. 150

8. Shoes

Rs. 350


Rs. 3550


Page 40

Q.1. How much money did you spend on your books this year?

Ans. Five hundred.


Q.2. What kind of a school uniform would like to wear? Draw a picture in your notebook.

Ans. I like to wear a light blue top and dark grey bottom.


Let us Talk (Page 40)

Q.1. Do you know someone who wanted to study, but could not do so?

Ans. Yes, in my neighborhood, a boy wanted to study. But, he had to leave after his father’s death.


Q.2. Every child has a right to free education upto class VIII. Do you think that all children are able to study upto class VIII?

Ans. No. Many children dropout due to various reasons.


From School to Bee Keeping (Page 41)

Q.1. Have you seen any insects going near flowers? Find out their names and write?

Ans. Yes. Honeybee, butterfly.


Q.2. Draw their picture in the notebook.


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Q.3. Why do you think they come to the flowers? Find out.

Ans. They come to the flowers to collect nectar.


Find out (Page 43)

Q.1. What do people in your area put on the place where the bee has sung?

Ans. Chuna or lime.


Q.2. Draw a picture of a honey bee. Colour it, give it a name.

Ans. Makhkhi Aunty

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Find out (Page 44)

Q.1. Anita and others in her village get Rs. 35 for one kilogram of honey. How much does one kilogram of honey cost in your town?

Ans. Rs. 170/- Kg.


Q.2. What different colours of honey have you seen?

Ans. Golden brown.


Q.3. Is honey used in your house? For what is it used?

Ans. We take one spoon of honey every morning. It keeps us healthy.


Page 45

Q.1. Do you know of any insects or animals that are kept as pets by human beings? Give their name.

Ans. Dog, cat, etc.


Q.2. Which are some other insects that live together in a group like honeybees?

Ans. Ants, termites, wasps.


Q.3. Have you seen where ants live?

Ans. They live inside soil.


Q.4. What kind of eatables bring ants to them? List them.

Ans. Grains, dead insects etc.


Q.5. Look at a line of ants. What is its colour?

Ans. Black/ Red.


Q.6. Have you been bitten by an ant? What was the ant like black or red big or small?

Ans.. Yes, small, red one.


Q.7. Look carefully ant some big and small ants. How many legs does an ant have?

Ans. Big ant:   6

Small ant:   6




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