NCERT Solutions Class 4 EVS Chapter 4 The Story of Amrita

NCERT Solutions for Class 4 EVS Looking Around for Chapter 4 The Story of Amrita

Amrita’s Friends (Page 32)

Q.1. Is there a place near your house, school or along the road side where trees have been planted?

Ans. Yes, trees are planted in the road side.


Q.2. Were these trees planted by anyone, or did they grow by themselves?

Ans. Some of them grew by themselves, some were planted by man.


Page 33

Q.1. Why were they planted there?

Ans. To get fruits and shade.


Q.2. Have you seen anyone taking care of the trees? Who does this?

Ans. No, nobody looks after them.


Q.3. Have you seen fruits on any of the trees? Who eats three fruits?

Ans. Yes, Young children eat these fruits.


Q.4. Do you know of any place where grass, small plants or trees are growing on their own without being planted.

Ans. Yes, in the fields, grass grows on its own.


Q.5. Why do you feel that these are growing on their own?

Ans. Nobody has planted the grass. Still they are growing there.


Page 34

Q.1. Do you remember what the elders of this village used to say?

Ans. They used to say “Agar perh hain to hum hain plants and animals can survive without us, but we cannot survive without them”.


Q.2. Do you think we could survive if there were no trees and no animals?

Ans. No, without trees we will get food and fresh air.


The Village is Protected (Page 34)

Q.1. Does the tree has flower?

Ans. Yes.


Q.2. Do the flowers remain always on the tree?

Ans. No.


Q.3. When do the leaves of the tree fall (month)

Ans. December.


Q.4. Does it bear fruits?

Ans. Yes.


Q.5. What kind of fruit? And when does it grow?

Ans. Mango, May


Q.6. Have you eaten fruits like this?

Ans. Yes.


Discuss (Page 36)

Q.1. Why do people hunt?

Ans. (i) To have fun.

(ii) For bone.

(iii) For skin.


Q.2. Do you know that you can be punished for hunting animals?

Ans. Yes.


Q.3. Why do you think there is the punishment?

Ans. To protect the innocent animals.


Q.4. What were some animals and birds that they could see when they were of your age?

Ans. Goat, cow, cuckoo, sparrow, pigeon, etc.


Q.5. Can we still see those animals and birds?

Ans. Yes.


Q.6. Which of them can we see less than before?

Ans. Cuckoo.


Page 37

Q.1. Shanti’s grandfather told her that when he was a small child he saw more birds like sparrow and mynah than he sees today. Can you make two guesses why their number have becomes less?

Ans. (1) Hunting

(2) Destruction of forests and trees which reduce their living area.


Q.2. Which kind of tree you see a lot in your area? Name two such trees.

Ans. Mango, Coconut.


Q.3. Find out more about these from your elder?

Ans. Mango: It is a very tasty fruit. Mango trees grow very large and branchy. The buds of mango come in the month of January. The fruit starts ripening from middle of April. There are many varieties of mango.

Coconut: The coconut is fruit with water inside. Coconut trees grows very tall. It has no branches. The leaves of coconut trees are very large. The season of ripening of coconut is September.




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