NCERT Solutions Class 4 EVS Chapter 26 Defence Officer Wahida

NCERT Solutions for Class 4 EVS Looking Around for Chapter 26 Defence Officer Wahida

Page Number 208
1. Do you know anyone who is in defence services?
Ans. Yes, one of my uncles is in defence services.

2. Is the person in the Navy, Army or Air Force?
Ans. He is in the Air Force.

3. What work do they do in the force?
Ans.He is a pilot. He flies fighter planes.

4. Would you like to join the defence services?
Ans. Yes, I would like to join the defence services.

5. Which of the three would you like to join — the Army, the Navy or the Air Force?
Ans.The Air Force.

6. In which other jobs do people wear uniforms as in defence services?
Ans. In police service and in paramilitary forces.

7. Wahida works as a doctor in the Indian Navy. Can you name five other occupations in the Navy?
Ans.Captain, Cook, Cleaner, Barber, Teacher.

8. Have you ever seen a parade? Hold a parade in your own school and try giving thirty-six-commands – for example,
“Parade, Eyes Right”, “Don’t move”, “Close in”, “Open file”.
Ans.Do it yourself.

9. Can you add some more commands to this list?
Ans. Attention! Left-right-left, Run

10. Talk to a doctor and find out about her/his work.
Ans.A doctor examines a patient and diagnoses the diseases. He then prescribes the medicines and takes other measures to cure the disease.

11. Do you know any woman who has done something unusual?
Ans.Yes, I know of many women who have done something unusual for their times. Let us take example of Kiran Bedi. She became the first officer in the Indian Police Service (IPS). It was a great achievement for her because women were not encouraged to even study in those times.

12. Talk to her in the same way as we talked to Lt. Cdr. Wahida Prism. Think of the questions that you will ask. Find out why she has chosen that work. What were the difficulties she faced in her life?
Ans.Interview Questions
Me : How did you feel when you were selected for the Indian Police Service?
Kiran Bedi : I felt as if I was on top of the world.
Me : Why did you want to join the police forces?
Kiran Bedi : I wanted to prove that women can also be strong in mind and take up any responsibility.
Me : Did you face problems during your career?
Kiran Bedi : Yes, I faced lot of discouragements during initial years of my career. Many of my seniors wanted me to go for easier assignments. Sometimes, my male colleagues viewed me with jealousy.
Me : How do you feel after serving for such a long period?
Kiran Bedi : I feel satisfied with the job well done. I feel proud of myself and my nation.




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