NCERT Solutions Class 4 EVS Chapter 23 Pochampalli

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NCERT Solutions for Class 4 EVS Looking Around for Chapter 23 Pochampalli

A Craft in Danger

Discuss (Page 188)

Q.1. When they grow big do you think they will be able to teach their children the skills for this craft?

Ans. Yes.

Write in your notebook (Page 189)

Q.1. Have you ever seen anybody weave something on a loom? What was being woven and where?

Ans. Yes, a sari was being woven there.

Q.2. The threads of sari are dyed. Do you know of any other thing that is dyed?

Ans. Cotton shirts pieces.

Q.3. If you visit Vani’s village it seems as though the entire village is weaving series. Do you know of any examples where people living in one place do the same kind of work?

Ans. Yes. In one village all people make earthen pots.

Q.4. Do they make something?

Ans. Yes. They make post.

Q.5. What kind of work do they do to make this thing?

Ans. The prepare clay.

Q.6. Do men and women do difference kinds of work to make this thing?

Ans. No.

Q.7. Do children also help to make this special thing?

Ans. Yes.

Find out and Write (Page 189)

Q.1. Talk to an ironsmith, a carpenter and a potter and find out about the kind of work that they do.


NCERT Solutions 

Q.2. Where did they learn to do their work?

Ans. From their parents.

Page 190

Q.1. What did they have to learn to be able to do their work?

Ans. The skill of making these objects.

Q.2. Have they taught their work to anybody in their family, or to anyone else?

Ans. Yes, they taught to their children.

Q.3. The table below has a list of different kinds of work that people do. Do you know people who do such work? Write their names in the first column. In the next column find out from them and write who they learnt this work from.


Kind of work

Name of somebody you know who does this work

Where did they learn this work from?

Cloth weaving


From their elders.



From their elders.

Cycle repair


From his Ustad.

Flying aero planes


From his trainers

Sewing and embroidery


From coaching centre



from her music teacher

Making shoes


From his father

Flying kites


From his elder brother



From his father.

Cutting hari


From his father.


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