NCERT Solutions Class 4 EVS Chapter 20 Eating Together

NCERT Solutions for Class 4 EVS Looking Around for Chapter 20 Eating Together

Write in your not Book: (Page 167)

Q.1. Do you like to eat together with others?

Ans. Yes.

Q.2. On what occasion do you eat together?

Ans. On festivals and during celebrations.

Q.3. Have you ever had a party in your class? When? What did you all do?

Ans. Yes, we had a party. It was on the occasion of ‘Holi’. We ate a lot, sing, danced and enjoyed.

Q.4. What did you and your classmates bring to the party?

Ans. Balloons, colours, etc.

Q.5. What all did you eat?

Ans. Cake, pastries, milkshake, samosa, etc.

Q.6. Who were all the people that your called of your party?

Ans. We called our senior students, parents, etc.

Q.7. Were there some people who work in your school, that you could not invite? Who were these people?

Ans. We invited all who work in our school.

Q.8. Did you wear your uniform for the party?

Ans. No. we all wore colorful dresses.

Q.9. What are something that you can do to make the party more fun for everyone? Discuss.

Ans. We can invite poor children to join our party.

Celebrating Bihu

Let us talk (Page 169)

Q.1. Where is the festival of Bihu celebrated?

Ans. Assam.

Q.2. Which are the festival in your area everyone celebrates together?

Ans. Bihu, holi, Diwali, etc.

Q.3. Does everyone cook and eat together on such festivals?

Ans. Yes.

Q.4. What are some of the special dishes that are cooked? How are they cooked?

Ans. Cheva rice, For preparing Cheva rice, firstly water is boiled in the Tao. On top, kharhi with the soaked rice and covered with banana leaves.

Q.5. Are some special vessels used for cooking these items? What are they?

Ans. Kharhi.

Find out and Writ (Page 170)

Q.1. Can you tell how may people must have eaten together in the village feast?

Ans. Around three hundred.

Q.2. Have you ever seen the Bihu dance? Did you like it?

Ans. Yes. I liked it.

Q.3. Find out from the students in your clan festivals that they celebrate and the special foo that in make for these days?


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Q.4. Do you wear clothes of some special colours for some festivals? Make a picture of these clothes.

Ans. Do yourself.

Find out and write in your notebook (Page 172)

Q.1. (i) What tire in the meal served?

Ans. After fourth period.

(ii) Do you like the food that you get?

Ans. Yes.

(iii) Is the food that your get enough to fill your stomach?

Ans. Yes.

(iv) Do you bring your own plate, or do you get it in the school?

Ans. I get it in the school.

(v) What do you get for the lunch in school?

Ans. Salad, bread, mix veg, dal, paneer etc.

(vi) Who serves the food?

Ans. Peon.

(vii) Do your teachers eat with you?

Ans. Yes.

(viii) Is the week’s menu put upon the school board?

Ans. Yes.

(ix) What will you get on Wednesday and Friday?

Ans. Dal roti and salad, mix veg, soya bean.

(x) If you got a chance to change the menu for your school lunch, what would you like to change?

What would you like to eat? Make your own menu.


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