NCERT Solutions Class 4 EVS Chapter 17 Nandita In Mumbai

NCERT Solutions for Class 4 EVS Looking Around for Chapter 17 Nandita In Mumbai

Write (Page 139)

Q.1. Why did Nandita have to bring her mother from the village to Mumbai for treatment?

Ans. In the villages, there is less facility to diagnose and treat patients. Mumbai is a big city and has all the facilities for treatment. So, Nandita had to bring her mother from the village to Mumbai.

Q.2. Nandita used to feel like vomiting when at first she had to use the toilet where Mama lived. Why?

Ans. The toilet was used to many people. Nobody cared to clean it. So, it got dirty day by day. So, it spread very foul smell. So, Nandita used to feel like vomiting when at first at first she had to use the toilet where Mama lived.

Page 140

Q.1. In what ways did Nandita find her Mama’s house to be different from her house in the village?


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Q.2. What differences did Nandita find between filling water from the public tap near Mama’s house, and in the village.

Ans. In the village, they fill water from a pond. There is no rash. It is available all the day. The water tap in the city do not give water all the day. They have to be in a queue. They have to fill water in time.

Q.3. Do you think that there was electricity in the place where Nandita’s Mam lived?

Ans. Yes.

Let us talk (Page 141)

(i) Has any one you know been admitted to a hospital? Who?

Ans. Yes, my friend Amit was admitted to a hospital.

(ii) For How many days were they in hospital?

Ans. Six

(iii) Did you go to visit them there?

Ans. Yes.

(iv) Who was looking after them there?

Ans. Nurse and his keens.

(v) Have you ever seen a tall building? Where?

Ans. Yes. Mumbai.

(vi) How many floors did the building have?

Ans. Twenty.

(vii) Till which floor you have climbed up?

Ans. Fifth.

Page 142

Q.1. When Nandita first came to Mumbai, what were some things that she was afraid to do?

Ans. Nandita was afraid to (i) look down from higher floors. (ii) in the lift, (iii) boarding in bus, (iv) crowded places.

Page 143

Q.1. What were the differences between the houses where Mama lived and the houses in the tall building?


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Q.2. Discuss why there were differences?

Ans. Nandita’s Mama has less money. So, he could not build a large house or buy flat.

Tell about yourself (Page 143)

Q.1. Draw a circle around the kind of house you live in. Is it like the house of

Ans. Nandita Mama Babloo Another kind.

Q.2. Where does the water come from in your house?

Ans. From the tap of water supply department.

Q.3. Is there an electricity connection in your house? How many hours in the day you get electricity?

Ans. Yes, we have electricity connection. We get electricity around 14 hours a day.

Q.4. Which is the nearest hospital in the area where you live?

Ans. Government Hospital.

Q.5. How far are these from your house?


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Q.6. Make drawing in your notebook of the different kinds of house in your area.


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Write in your notebook (Page 145)

Q.1. why does Mama have to change his house?

Ans. Mama’s house were to be demolished. A new hotel would be constructed there.

Q.2. Have you ever moved from your house? If yes, why did you have to move?

Ans. Yes. We had to move when my father had a transfer.

Discuss (Page 145)

Q.1. Is it correct that Mama and other have to move because a hotel is going to be built there?

Ans. No, It is wrong.

Q.2. Who will benefit from this?

Ans. The owner of the hotel.

Q.3. Who will face difficulties?

Ans. All the people living in that area.

Q.4. Do you know of any people who have faced problems similar to Nandita’s Mama? Share in the class.

Ans. Yes. Nearly twenty families were removed from their place. It was due to construction of road.




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