NCERT Solutions Class 4 EVS Chapter 16 A Busy Month

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NCERT Solutions for Class 4 EVS Looking Around for Chapter 16 A Busy Month

Q.1. How many years ago did Gijubhai write this letter?

Ans. About 71 years.

Q.2. This letter talks about many different birds. How many of these birds have your seen?

Ans. I have seen dove, Indian robin, crow koel, barbet, sunbird, etc.

Q.3. How many other birds have your seen?

Ans. Many for example, sparrow.

Q.4. Have you seen a bird’s nest? Where did you see it?

Ans. Yes. On the branch of a tree.

Q.5. Which is your favorite bird? Can you show your friends in the class how it flies, and what sound it makes?

Ans. My favorite bird is koel.

Q.6. Guess this bird: A crown on the head and coins on the tail. So many shades of blue from top to tail.

A clue: It is our national bird.

Ans. Peacock.

Q.7. Do you know of any other bird that makes its nest in a tree trunk like the barbet does?

Ans. Woodpecker.

Q.8. If there is a nest inside or around your house. Look at it carefully. Remember, do not go near to the nest, and do not touch it. If you do, then the bird will not come to the nest ageing.

Observe the nest for some days and note down some things:

(i) Where is the nest made?

Ans. On a branch.

(ii) What is the nest made of?

Ans. Straw, dried leaves.

(iii) Is the nest complete, or are the birds still making it?

Ans. It is complete.

(iv) Can you recognise what bird it is?

Ans. It is a sparrow.

(v) What things does the bird bring to the nest?

Ans. Straw.

(vi) Is there any bird sitting on the nest?

Ans. Yes.

(vii) Do you think there are eggs in the nest?

Ans. Yes.

(viii) Can you hear nay sounds-chee chee-from the nest?

Ans. Yes.

(ix) If there are chicks in the nest, what do the parent birds brings for them to eat?

Ans. Insects, grains.

(x) how many times in one hour do the birds come to the nest?

Ans. Two to three times.

(xi) After how many days did the chicks leave the nest?

Ans. One and half month.

(xii) Make picture of the nest that you observed.

Ans. Nest

 NCERT Solutions

Q.9. You have seen how birds use many different things to make their nests. Use some of these to make a nest. Make a small paper bird to put in the nest.

Find out about your own teeth and write (Page 135)


NCERT Solutions 

Find out more (Page 135)

Q.1. Look at each other’s teeth. Are there different kinds of teeth. Draw the front teeth. Draw on front teeth and on back teeth in the boxes given below.


Front teeth

 NCERT Solutions

Back teeth

 NCERT Solutions

Q.2. Can you see any difference between these teeth?

Ans. The front teeth are flat. The back teeth are round.

Page 136

Q.1. Draw a Picture. How would you look if you had no teeth?


 NCERT Solutions

Q.2. Find out from old people who do not have teeth, what are the kind of things that they cannot eat.

Ans. They cannot eat hard things. They cannot eat iaddoo, tandoori roti, etc.



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