NCERT Solutions Class 4 EVS Chapter 15 From Market To Home

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NCERT Solutions for Class 4 EVS Looking Around for Chapter 15 From Market To Home

Dayat night! (Page 118)

Q.1. Does anyone in your house have to get up very early? What time do they get up? What time do they get up? Why do they need to get up so early?

Ans. My father gets up very early. He has to go to his factory.


Preparing for the Day (Page 120)

Q.1. Why do you think he does this?

Ans. The previous days vegetables would spoil early.


Q.2. Have you seen dried or spoilt vegetables? Where?

Ans. Yes. I have seen them in my kitchen.


Q.3. How could you know that the vegetables were spoilt?

Ans. Some liquid come out of them. They also smell foul.


Q.4. Look at the clocks given below. Write what you do, and what Vaishali does, at the time which the clock is showing.

Ans. Vaishali –> takes out vegetables

You –> Sleep

Vaishali –> Putting vegetables in the bag

You –> prepare lessons

Vaishali –> sleeps

You –> watch T.V.


Q.5. From where do you get vegetables for your home? Who brings the vegetables?

Ans. We get vegetables from the market. Both my father and I bring the vegetables.


Fun with vegetables (Page 123)

Q.1. Are all of them the same size?

Ans. No.


Q.2. Find the longest and the shortest one. Measure them?

Ans. (Do yourself)


Q.3. Are all of the same thickness?

Ans. No.

Q.4. Are they all the same colour?

Ans. Yes.

Q.5. Cut two lady’s finger lengthwise. Do both of them have the same number of seeds?

Ans. No.


Q.6. Seema’s mother has brought some fruits and vegetables form the market. Can youfind them in this picture?

Ans. Brinjal Potato, carrot.


Find out (Page 124)

Q.1. Given here is a list of vegetables and fruits. Which of these well spoil soon, and which
will stay for some days. Write the names in the correct column. Add more names.

Names: Spinach, potato, banana, tomato, pear, chikoo, pineapple, gourd, onion,cabbage, cucumber.


Fruits and vegetables that spoil quickylFruits and vegetables that can stay for some days

Q.2. Some of these fruits and vegetables are smooth to touch, some have a rought skin.
Put names in the correct column.

Ans. Smooth skin –> Rough skin

Tomato –> cabbage

Brinjal –> chikoo

Potato –> onion

Q.3. Which is the vegetable that you find the heaviest to carry? Write its name and draw 
its picture.

Ans. Pumpkin

Q.4. Of the fruits and vegetables that you have eaten, which is the lightest one one? Write
its name and draw a picture.

Ans. Lady’s finger.

Q.5. Write names of three vegetables which do not have seeds.

Ans. Potato, cabbage, cauliflower.

 ColourLengthPrice (How much is it sold for)
AppleRed5 cm() Rs. 20
BananaYellow15 cm(1 dozen) Rs. 15
PotatoGrey5 cm() Rs. 5
CabbageGreen10 cm() Rs. 5
CauliflowerWhite10 cm() Rs. 4
TomatoRed4 cm() Rs. 6

Q.6. Talk with a vegetable seller in your area and find out:

(i) What is his/her name?

Ans. Mukund Srivastava

(ii) How many people are there in his/her house. How many children?

Ans. There are six people, his fater, mother, wife and two children.

(iii) What are their names? How old are they?

Ans. Father – Bhumidhar Srivastava, 60 years

Mother – Laxmi Srivastava, 50 years

Wife – Surbhi Srivastava, 30 years

Boy – Laxman Srivastava, 5 years

Girl – rani Srivastava, 3 years.

(iv) Who all help in the work of selling vegetables?

Ans. His wife, father and mother.

(v) Who all stay with the vegetable cart or sit in the shop?

Ans. His boy.

(vi) What vegetable do they sell?

Ans. Patato, onion, tomato, cabbage, cauliflower.

(vii) What time do they start work?

Ans. Very early in the morning. (4 o’clock)

(viii) For about how many hours in a day do the work?

Ans. 15 hours.

(ix) Ask them about any three vegetables that the sell.


 Vegetable 1Vegetable 2Vegetable 3
Name of the vegetable

The price of the vegetable

From where does it come?

How much of the vegetable do they buy at one time?

In which season does this vegetable usually comes?


Rs. 10/kg

Sabzi mandi

100 kg



Rs. 15/kg

Sabzi mandi

100 kg



Sabzi mandi

50 kg




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