NCERT Solutions Class 4 EVS Chapter 14 Basvas Farm

NCERT Solutions for Class 4 EVS Looking Around for Chapter 14 Basvas Farm

Find out (Page 113)

Q.1. In Basva’s area an implement called Khunti is used to loosen the soil. What is the kind of implement called in your area? Find out?

Ans. It is called Kudal.


Page 114

Q.1. Ask a farmer or some elders in your family and find out what are the kinds of crops grows in your area?

Ans. Wheat, rice, vegetables.


(Page 115)

Q.1. Basva helps his father in the field. Do you help the elders in your family in their work? What do you help with?

Ans. I help my parent in marketing, cleaning the rooms, etc.

Q.2. Do you like to do that work?

Ans. Yes, I like them very much.

Write answer in your notebook (Page 116)

Q.1. Why is Basva not able to attend school for some days?

Ans. Basva helped his family in collecting the onion from the ground or fields.

Q.2. Are there fields or vegetable beds near your house?

Ans. Yes. Potato, cauliflower etc. are grown there.


Page 117

Q.1. Basva’s Appa takes the onions to the market in a truck. Think, how would fruits and vegetables be taken to another place, if there no proper roads?

Ans. Then, people would have to use bullock-cart or donkeys for carrying vegetables.

Q.2. What kind of vehicles are fruits and vegetables taken in? draw a picture of one ofthese vehicles.


 NCERT Solutions

Find out are write (Page 117)

Q.1. Given here are pictures of some implements used in this lesson. Write the names ofthe implements. For what work are they used? Find out and write.


NCERT Solutions

Page 118

Q.1. There are many steps needed to grow crops. Look at the pictures and mark them incorrect order.




Q.2. Find out about something that is grown in your area. Find out about the steps that are part of this work. Draw them in the right order.


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