NCERT Solutions Class 4 EVS Chapter 11 Valley Of Flowers

NCERT Solutions for Class 4 EVS Looking Around for Chapter 11 Valley Of Flowers

Q.1. Have you ever seen so many flowers grow together any where?

Ans. Yes.

Q.2. Write their colours.

Ans. White, red, blue, green, yellow, purple, orange, violet.

The World of flowers (Page 86)

Q.1. have are same pictures of flowers. Mark a 3 on the flowers which you recognise. Write their names also if you know.


 NCERT Solutions


Q.2. From the picture given above and other flowers that you know, give names of two flowers which.


* Grow on trees



* Grow on bushes



* Grow on creepers


Snow white

* Grow on water plants


Water Lily

* Bloom only at night


Night queen

* Bloom in the day and close at night



* Which you can recognise by their scent even with your eyes closed



* Which bloom all the year round



* Which flower bloom only in certain months



Q.3. Are there any trees or plants which never have any flowers? Find out and write.

Ans. Money plant.

Why this (Page 87)

Q.1. Have you ever seen a board like this put up anywhere?

Ans. Yes.

Q.2. Do people pluck flowers even when this board is here?

Ans. Yes.

Q.3. Why do you think they do this?

Ans. They do not obey the rules.

Q.4. Should they do this?

Ans. No.

Q.5. If everybody plucked flowers, then what would happen?

Ans. There will be no flowers.

Let us look closely (Page 88)

Q.1. What is the colour of the flower?

Ans. Pink.

Q.2. What kind of scent does it have?

Ans. Very pleasant.

Q.3. What does it look this-a bell, a bowl, a brush or anything else?

Ans. It looks like a brush.

Q.4. Do these flowers grow in bunches?

Ans. No.

Q.5. How many petals do they have?

Ans. Many.

Q.6. Are their petals all joined together or separate?

Ans. Separate.

Q.7. Inside the petals, in the middle of the flower, what thin parts can you see? Write itscolour.

Ans. Pink?

Q.8. When you touch these, do you find a powdery thing on your hadns?

Ans. Yes.

Blooming buds! (Page 89)

You must have seen buds on the plants. If there are any flower bearing plants growing near your school or home, look carefully at their buds.

Q.1. What differences do you find between a flower and a bud?

Ans. Bud is small and pointed, flower is larger and spread.

Q.2. Draw the picture of a flower and its bud in your notebook.


 NCERT Solutions

Can you say how many days a bud will take to bloom into a flower? Let’s try and find out.

(1) Choose a bud that is growing on plant and look at it every day. Write the name of the plant.

Ans. Rose.

Flowers are even eaten (Page 90)

Q.1. Are flower cooked in your home as a dry vegetable, a gravy dish or as a ‘chutney’?

Ans. Yes.

Q.2. Find out which flower are used for these?

Ans. Vegetable and gravy – flower of banana, sahjan, kachnar.

Chatni – Shefalika

Flowers in Medicines (Page 90)

Q.1. Can you name any two flowers which are used in medicines?

Ans. Rose, Cedar.

Q.2. How is rose water used in your house?

Ans. It is used in medicine, sweets, lassi etc.

Colours form Flowers (Page 90)

Q.1. Find out and write the names of some more flowers that are used to make colours.

Ans. Rose, china rose.

Q.2. Can you think of any such colour of which there is no flower?

Ans. Silver or Grey.

Q.3. Write the names of such flowers which are used to make scents.

Ans. Jasmine, rose etc.

Talk about it (Page 92)

Q.1. Do you know when such songs are sung?

Ans. During marriage.

Q.2. Do you or anybody else at home know other such song?

Ans. Yes, my mother and grandmother know such songs.

Q.3. Are any special flowers used on certain occasions by your elders? Make a list of different occasion and the flowers used.



Name of flowers

Friendship day

Pink Rose


Rose, tulip

Marriage Anniversary


Valentine day

Red Rose



Religious ceremony


Let us know some more (Page 93)

Q.1. What are the different flowers that they sell? Are them the names of three flowers?

Ans. Rose, Jasmine, dahlia.

Q.2. Why do people buy flowers?

Ans. For decoration, worship, as gift item.

Q.3. In what forms do flower sellers sell their flowers? Tick mark on the boxes belw:


 NCERT Solutions

Q.4. Any other form that you here seen.

Ans. Gajra.

Q.5. Find out the prices.

Ans. One garland = Rs. 50

One stared = Rs. 20

One flower = Rs. 10

Q.6. Has the flower seller learnt to make bouquet or a net of flowers from anybody? From whom?

Ans. Yes, from his father.

Q.7. Would they like the other members of their family to do this work? Why?

Ans. Yes, so that all members can help each other and also earn a lot.




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