NCERT Solutions Class 4 English Poem 7 Hiawatha

NCERT Solutions for Class 4 English Marigold for Poem 7 Hiawatha

1. Who was Hiawatha?

Ans.Hiawatha was a young little Red Indian boy.

2. Who was Nokomis?

Ans.Nokomis was Hiawatha’s old grandmother.

3. What did he learn about the birds?

Ans.Hiawatha learned the language of the birds. Due to this he learned many things about birds such as:

(i) their names and secrets

(ii) how they built their nests in summer

(iii) where they hide themselves in winter.

4. What secrets did he learn about beasts?

Ans.Hiawatha learned the language of beasts. Due to this, he learned many things about the beasts such as:

(i) their names and secrets

(ii) how beavers built their lodges

(iii) where the squirrels hid their acrons

(iv) how the reindeer ran so swiftly

(v) and why was the rabbit so timid.

5. Do you think that.

(a) Hiawatha liked learning new language?

Ans.Yes, Hiawatha liked learning new language.

(b) Hiawatha called the birds ‘chicken’ and beasts ‘brothers’? What do you think his shows?

Ans.This shows that Hiawatha was kind and loving towards birds and beasts. He considered them his family mmbers.

(c) Do birds have secrets?

Ans.Yes, birds do have secrets.

6. Say aloud.

Ans.(i) Squirrel

(ii) Quarrel

(iii) Queen

(iv) Quick

(v) Quilt

(vi) Quill

(vii) Quiet

(viii) Quality

7. Have you seen:

(a) a hippopotamus in a hat?


(b) a hen in a beehive?


(c) a helicopter with hair?


(d) a horse drink honey?


8. Make a story of the poem and share it with your friends. You can change Hiawatha’s name and give the name of your classmate. Start the story which other children can continue. You would began like this-

Once upon a time there was a boy called…

Ans.Once upon a time there was a boy called Rakesh. He lived with his grandmother. She told him the stories of animals. He learned the language of animals. He became aware of their names and secrets. He came to know about many things. About birds he learned:

(i) how they built their nests in summer

(ii) where they go in winters.

About beasts he learned:

(i) how beasts built their houses.

(ii) where the squirrels hide their food.

(iii) how the deer ran so swiftly.

(iv) why the rabbit was so timid.

Rakesh called birds and beasts, chickens and brothers respectively. Whenever he meet them, he used to talk them in their languages.

9. Where do the following live?

(a) Birds live in

Ans.Birds live in nests.

(b) Rabbits live in

Ans.Rabbits live in underground burrows or warrens.

(c) Beavers live in

Ans.Beavers live in lodges made in ponds.

10. Describe Hiawatha, his home and his friends in ten lines.

Ans.(i) Hiawatha was a young little Red Indian boy.

(ii) He used to live with his grandmother, called Nokomis.

(iii) He learned the languages of birds and beasts.

(iv) He was kind and loving by nature.

(v) He lived in Wigwam. It was a dome-shaped hut made by fastening mats, skins or bark over a framework of poles.

(vi) He called the birds ‘Hiawatha’s chickens’.

(vii) Among all the beasts, beavers, squirrels, reindeer and rabbit were his best friends.

(viii) Hiawatha used to talk to the birds and animals whenever they met.

(ix) He came to know their names and all their secrets.

(x) Hiawatha used to call beasts his ‘brothers’.

11. What did Hiawatha love?

Ans.Hiawatha loved birds and animals.

12. Match ‘A and ‘B’ and write the complete sentences below:




I go, I have friends.


I am hungry, I eat.


Comes first, wins.

Ans.(i) Whenever I am hungry, I eat.

(ii) Whoever comes first, wins.

(iii) Wherever I go, I have friends.

13. Some words have similar sounds, but different meanings. Choose the correct word from the box and fill in the blanks.

(a) The bird sits on a ____. (bow, bough).


(b) The squirrel has a long ____. (tail, tale).


(c) I have to leave at ____ (too, two).


(d) This sum is _____. (right, write).


(e) I can ____ the bird’s song. (hear, here).


(f) Do you _____ “a secret? (no, know).


(g) The King sits on the ____. (thrown, throne).


(h) He is our school ____. (principal, principle).





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