NCERT Solutions Class 4 English Chapter 8 The Giving Tree

NCERT Solutions for Class 4 English Marigold for Chapter 8 The Giving Tree

1. How did the boy enjoy the company of the tree?

Ans.The boy used to climb up the trunk of the tree and swing from its branches. Whenever, it tired he used to eat delicious apples of the tree.

2. How did the tree help the boy earn money?

Ans.The tree asked the boy to pluck all its apples, sell them in the market and earn money.

3. What did the boy make with the branches of the tree?

Ans.The boy built a house with the branches of the tree.

4. What did the boy make with the trunk of the tree?

Ans.The boy built a boat with the trunk of the tree.

5. How was stump of the tree useful?

Ans.The old man wanted to sit and rest, he was weak and tired. The stump of the old tree was the best place to sit and rest. Therefore, in this way, the stump of the tree was useful.

6. Why is the play called “The Giving Tree”?

Ans.The play is called “The Giving Tree” because the tree always gave away something or the other in order to make the happy. So, the play is called “The Giving Tree”.

7. Make new words and complete the sentences.

(a) The children love to sing ______. (loud)


(b) Throw the ball _____. (slow)


(c) Read your lesson ____. (silent)


(d) The tree gave its fruit to the boy _____. (happy)


(e) Do your work _____. (neat)


8. Why should we not cut trees?

Ans.We should not cut trees because:

(i) Trees give us fruits, flowers, leaves, bark, branches, wood, roots, edibles and shelter etc.

(ii) They also purify the air and increase the beauty of the landscape.

9. Write these sentences in the correct order. Also, choose the right word from the box and add it before each sentences. Remember to put a comma after it, for example. Finally: First Then After that Finally

(a) It gave him its branches to make a house.

Ans.First, the tree gave its apples to the boy.

(b) It asked him to sit on the stamp.

Ans.Then, it gave him its branches to make a house.

(c) It gave him its trunk to make a boat.

Ans.After that, it gave him its trunk to make a boat.

(d) The tree gave its apples to the boys.

Ans.Finally, it asked him to sit on the stump.

10. Work in a group and decide the things that you can do help your grandparents or any old person. Now write five of these things that you will do.

Ans.(i) Take care of their medicines and timings of their intake.

(ii) Tell them a story or newspaper.

(iii) Go on morning walk with them.

(iv) Give them water or milk when they need it.

(v) Play with them at times.

11. Choose the right words:

(a) Chintha Chettu is a tamarind _____ (tree/leaf).


(b) This famous tree is in _____ (Guntur/Gwalior).


(c) Tansen was a famous ____ (singer/dancer).


(d) The tamarind tree grows over Tansen’s ______ (house/tomb).


(e) “Eat the leaves of the tamarind tree, and you’ll also sing like _____ (Tansen/Akbar).”





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