NCERT Solutions Class 4 English Chapter 2 The Little fir tree

NCERT Solutions for Class 4 English Marigold for Chapter 2 The Little fir tree

1. The pretty liars fir tree was happy with gold leaves but.

Ans. A goat came along and ate it.

2. The fir tree was sad

Ans. Because it had needle like leaves.

3. Who granted it four wishes?

Ans. Shetty the magician.

4. By changing the circled word to its opposite, rewrite the sentences.

(a) I carry alightbag to school everyday.

Ans. I carry a heavy bag to school everyday.

(b) Rinawonthe race.

Ans. Rina lost the race.

(c) Iloveeating vegetables.

Ans. I hate eating vegetables.

(d) This glass of milk is full.

Ans. This glass of milk is empty.

(e) The old man is wise.

Ans. This old man is foolish.

5. Now give the opposite of the words below by adding un- or im-.

Happy, important, polite, perfect, seen healthy, proper, safe, lucky, patient, possible, pure.

Ans. Unhappy, unimportant, impolite, imperfect, unseen, unhealthy, improper, unsafe, unlucky, impatient, impossible, impure.


6. Ritalovedher dog Sheroo. Everyday, Sheroo wouldgo outof the house andcomeback himself. But one day he did not come home. Rita lookedeverywherefor him. Tears rolleddownher cheeks. Sherro waslost. He wasnowherefound. Rita wascryingwhen she reached home. She got into her bed. All of a sudden something jumped, on her. Can you guess who it was? Rita was veryhappy. Give the opposites of the words in italic.

Ans. Loved – hated, go out – come in, come – go, everywhere – nowhere, down – up, lost – found, nowhere, everywhere, crying – laughing, happy – sad.

7. Rewrite the passage using capital letters where necessary.

(i) one saturday afternoon amarjit and his little sister rani went for a picnic to india gate, there they saw ducks, water and their friend raj.

Ans. One Saturday afternoon Amarjit and his little sister Rani went for a picnic India Gate. There they saw ducks, water and their friend Raj.

(ii) Oh dear said the fir tree I like my old needle – like leaves best for goats don’t eat them and no man can steal them.

Ans. “Oh! Dear, said the fir tree. “I like my old needle – like leaves best, for goats don’t eat them and no man can steal them.

8. Look at the picture on textbook page 30. In the given yellow box there are eight things. Six of them you can see in the picture. The other two you cannot see. Write down four things you can see.

Ans. (i) ducks, (ii) mat, (iii) dog, (iv) girl.

9. Look at the picture again. Describe the picture.

Ans. (i) The ducks are swimming in the pond.

(ii) The girl is printing towards the small bird.

(iii) The boy is looking at the small bird.

10. Glass breaks easily when it is dropped. Do you think a mud flower pot, a glass spoon, a wooden table, a plastic cup, books, your plastic water bottle can break easily? Circle the thing that can.

Ans. A mud flower pot and a glass spoon can break, but a plastic cup, wooden table, books and a plastic water bottle will not break.


11. Which of the following actions would make others happy/ unhappy?


Actions that make people happy

Actions that make people unhappy

1. Respective elders

1. not saying thank you

2. Being polite

2. not sharing

3. Playing with friends

3. watching t.v. all day

4. Visiting a sick friend

4. telling lies

5. Caring for pets

5. being greedy

6. Being honest

6. getting angry easily



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