NCERT Solutions Class 4 English Chapter 1 Nehas Alarm Clock

NCERT Solutions for Class 4 English Marigold for Chapter 1 Nehas Alarm Clock

1. What time did Neha’s clock ring every morning?

Ans.6’o clock.

2. What did the birds say?

Ans.Wake up.

3. What is inside you that makes you get up at the same time everyday?

Ans.Our body clock.

4. Put the letters in the right order.














5. Listen to the sounds when you are on your way to School. Discuss with your friends the sounds that you heard. List them here.


Sound you heard

Sound your friend heard

Sound of traffic on road

Sound of conversation with friends

Sound of talking

Sound of shutters of shops opening

Sound of cool wind

Early in the morning

Chirping of birds

Milkman’s voice

Horn of rickshaw


6. If there is no clock in the house to wake up in the morning, how will you wake up? Will you continue to sleep or.

Ans.No, I will wake up the sound of chirping of birds, bell of a temple or due to the light or bright Sun that will be spread in my room in the morning.


7. What are the different ways of knowing the time during the day.

Ans.There are many ways to know “the time”. For example:

(i) Listening to the radio/television

(ii) asking someone who knows

(iii) by judging the intensity of sunlight.

8. Find the hidden words.


 NCERT Solutions

9. Who said these words and whom?



Who said

To Whom

“Wake up, dear! Wake up fast!”




“Ma, who woke me up today?”




“Why do you sleep at nine every night?”




10. Fill in the blanks.

(a) Ram _____ a good football player.


(b) The cows ____ grazing in the field.


(c) My toys _____ broken.


(d) Her frock ____ too long.


(e) The market _____ closed.


(f) The children _____ happy.


(g) The flowers _____ kept in a vase.


11. Complete the following paragraph.

Ans.Yesterday, I lost a book. I looked for it everywhere. I lookedbehindthe door. I lookedinsidea cupboard. I looked under a bed. I could not find it anywhere. Then, I called out Sheroo. Sheroo, my dog came running to me. I asked him to look for my book Hepulled outanother book from my bag.

12. Here is a word ‘Clock’. Write down words relating to clock.


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