NCERT Solutions Class 3 English Poem 6 Trains

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NCERT Solutions for Class 3 English for Poem 6 Trains

1. Where do the trains run?

Answer. The trains run over the mountains, plains and rivers.

2. What are the “precious loads” that they carry?

Answer. They carry important papers, luggages and gold, silver etc. which are very precious.

3. When do the trains run?

Answer. The trains run after carrying passengers, mails and precious loads.

4. What is Dusk and Dawn?

Answer. Dusk: The darker stage of twilight.

Dawn: Break of Day.

5. Do you enjoy train rides?

Answer. Yes, I enjoy train rides very much.

6. If you had to travel over a long distance, how would you like to go and why?

Answer. I would like to go by train. This is because it is a comfortable means of transportation. This has sleeping arrangements and toilet facility that are essential for travelling over a long distance.

7. If you had to spend the night on a train, what would you need to take with you. Draw and name the things you would need in this suitcase.

Answer. (i) Food

NCERT Solutions 

(ii) Bedsheet

 NCERT Solutions

(iii) Pillow

 NCERT Solutions

(iv) Tooth-Brush

 NCERT Solutions

(v) Tooth-paste

 NCERT Solutions


8. Describe an interesting train or bus journey you have taken, or would like to take. Write four sentences about your journey. You can use some of the following words or phrases.

Many people, crowded tea stalls, stations/bus station, river, window, big and small trees, seat, hills, ticket, loud whistle

Answer. (i) I went to the railway station with my father to go a hill station.

(ii) My father took the tickets from the ticket window.

(iii) From the window, I saw hills, big and small trees and river.

(iv) I also saw crowded tea stalls and many people on the stations.

(v) The trains whistled loudly if someone come in between the tracks.

9. Sort out these different means of transport into correct groups.

Bus, Car, Aeroplane, Ship, Boat, Train, Bicycle, Helicopter, Truck, Steamer.



















10. Complete these sentences.

Answer. (i) Give me some food to eat.

(ii) Play with me.

(iii) Swim across the river.

(iv) Let’s get on the train.

11. Say aloud:

Answer. (i) Mail

(ii) Fail

(iii) Dawn

(iv) On

(v) Plains

(vi) Trains


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