NCERT Solutions Class 3 English Poem 3 Little by Little

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NCERT Solutions for Class 3 English for Poem 3 Little by Little

1. Name the tree that the acorn grows into.

Answer. The acorn grows into an oak tree.

2. What things does a seed need to grow?

Answer. A seed needs air, water and soil to grow.

3. How many describing words can you find in this poem?

Answer. Describing words in the poem are- slowly, improving, deep, sipped, tiny, slender, mighty etc.

4. Look at the two pictures. Find four things that are different about these trees and talk about them.

Answer. (i) The picture 1 shows that the tree which gives us many essential things. In contrary, picture -2 shows how we harm the tree in many ways.

(ii) In picture -1, the tree gives us medicines while in picture – 2, we are bringing wood around it.

(iii) The stem and leaves of the tree in picture -1 are smiling whereas these of the tree in picture -2 are sad and weeping.

(iv) The picture -1 shows that the birds are happy in the nest. On the other hand in picture -2, the birds are moving away from the tree due to problems created by the human beings.

5. Look at the Picture -1. Write three sentences on what the trees give us.

Answer. (i) Trees give us fruits and vegetables.

(ii) Trees give us fresh oxygen.

(iii) They give wood for shelter.

(iv) They provide us medicines.

6. Now look at Picture 2. Write three sentences on how we harm the trees.

Answer. (i) We cut plants for burning.

(ii) We cause pollution by setting up industries.

(iii) We pluck leaves for feeding domestic animals.

(iv) We cut trees to make our houses.

7. These words describe parts of a tree. Write them in the given space.

(a) Stem

Answer. It gives us strength to the tree and helps in making the tree stand straight.

(b) Bark

Answer. It is brown coloured part present on the stem.

(c) Leaves

Answer. These are green and many in number. This part makes food in the plant.

(d) Branches

Answer. These are parts emerging from stem on which the leaves grow. Birds make their nests on them.

(e) Twigs

Answer. These are thin, weak branches.

(f) Roots

Answer. These are thin like thread and long parts under the earth which hold the plant in the soil.

(g) Shoot

Answer. The uppermost part of the plant above the soil is called the shoot.

8. Match the opposites.















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