NCERT Solutions Class 3 English Chapter 3 The Enormous trip

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NCERT Solutions for Class 3 English for Chapter 3 The Enormous trip

1. What did the old man plant?

Answer. The old man planted some turnip seeds.

2. Why was it difficult for the old man to pull up the turnip?

Answer. It was difficult for the old man to pull the turnip because it was enormous.

3. Who helped him to pull up the enormous turnip?

Answer. An old woman, a boy and a girl helped him to pull up the enormous turnip.

4. Who ate the enormous turnip?

Answer. The old man, the old woman, the boy and the girl ate the enormous turnip. 

6. Let’s go shopping! How many vegetables can you find in the maze? Draw a circle around each word. One has been done for you.


 NCERT Solutions

7. A game of opposites.

The entire class can be divide into two groups where one group says one word and the second group says the opposite word.


Group I

Group II









8. This is how the game goes on. Some words are suggested here. You may pick up some words from the lesson.












9. Name four vegetables you ate last week. Write their names here.














10. One word in each of the following set is different than the others. Choose the odd one out.

(i) Turnip, potato, tomato, sunflower, brinjal, carrot.

Answer. Sunflower.

(ii) Cow, horse, fox, kangaroo, melon.

Answer. Melon.

(iii) Banyan, neem, peepal, mango, snake, apple.

Answer. Snake.

(iv) Rose, lily, sunflower, lotus, cauliflower.

Answer. Cauliflower.

(v) Peacock, parrot, lizard, crow, woodpecker.

Answer. Lizard, Woodpecker.

11. Say aloud:

Answer. (i) Pull

(ii) Full

(iii) Put

(iv) Cool

(v) Root

(vi) Shoot

(vii) Cut

(viii) But

(ix) Shut


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