NCERT Solutions Class 12 Psychology Self and Personality

NCERT Solutions Class 12 Psychology Self and Personality. The NCERT solutions for Class 12 Psychology book have been made by Psychology teacher of one of the best CBSE school in India. Psychology in class 12 is an important subject for Class 12 Humanities students. Its easy to learn and can help to get good marks. These NCERT solutions have been made to give detailed answers and explanations which can be easily understood by the students. You can download the NCERT solutions for free in pdf format. Refer to other links also to download Class 12 Psychology NCERT solutions, worksheets, sample papers and test papers.

Review Questions

1. What is self? How does the Indian notion of self differ from the Western notion?

self refers to the totality of an individual’s conscious experiences, ideas, thoughts and feelings with regard to herself or himself. The Indian notion of self and the Western notion of self differ from each other by a number of important features. The most important distinction is the way the boundary is drawn between the self and the other. In the Western view, this boundary appears to be relatively fixed on the other and, the Indian view of self is characterised by the shifting nature of this boundary. Thus, our self at one moment of time expands to fuse with the cosmos or include the others. But at the next moment, it seems to be completely withdrawn from it and focused fully on individual self (e.g., our personal needs or goals).The Western view seems to hold clear dichotomies between self and other, man and nature,  ubjective and objective while the Indian view does not make such clear dichotomies. In the Western culture, the self and the group exist as two different entities with clearly defined boundaries i.e. individual members of the group maintain their individuality while in the Indian culture, the self is generally not separated from one’s own group; rather both remain in a state of harmonious co-existence. In the Western culture, on the other hand, they often remain at a distance. That is why many Western cultures are characterised as individualistic, whereas many Asian cultures are characterised as collectivistic.

2. What is meant by delay of gratification? Why is it considered important for adult development?

Delay of gratification also known as self-control is a practice which means learning to delay or defer the more pleasurable or fun loving needs and rewarding later.

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