NCERT Solutions Class 12 Economics National Income and Related Aggregates

NCERT Solutions Class 12 Economics National Income and Related Aggregates. NCERT book for Economics in class 12 is strongly recommened by teachers and the CBSE and NCERT boards. Please download the NCERT solutions for class 12 Economics free in PDF made by teachers of the best schools in India. These solutions are carefully compiled to give detailed understanding of the concepts and also steps of solutions. The NCERT solutions are free to download in pdf format. Please refer to the download link below to download the pdf file and also refer to other chapters and subjects to get the solutions to Economics NCERT book questions and exercises.

National Income and Related Aggregates

 1. Why should the aggregate final expenditure of an economy be equal to the aggregate factor payments? Explain. 
Ans: The sum of final expenditures in an economy must be equal to the income received by all the factors of production taken together (final spending on final goods, it does not include spending on intermediate goods). This follows from the simple idea that the revenues earned by all the firms put together must be distributed among the factors of production as salaries, wages, profits, interests earning and rents.

2. What is the difference between planned and unplanned inventory accumulation? Write down the relation between change in inventories and value added of a firm. 
Ans: Planned Inventory. It refers to changes in the stock inventories that have occurred in a planned way. In a situation of planned inventory accumulation, firm will plan to raise its inventories. Unplanned Inventory. It refers to changes in the stock of inventories that have occurred in an unexpected way. In a situation of unplanned inventory accumulation, due to unexpected fall in sales, the firm will have unsold stock of goods.
Value added of a firm (GVA) = Gross value of output produced by the firm – Value of intermediate goods used by the firm.
GVA = Value of sales by the firm + Value of change in inventories – Value of intermediate goods used by the firm

3. Write down the three identities of calculating the GDP of a country by the three methods. Also, briefly explain why each of these should give us the same value of GDP. 
Ans: National Income = National Product = National Expenditure. Each one will give the same result. The only difference is that with product methods, NI is calculated at production or creation level with income Method NI is measured at distribution level, and with expenditure method NI is measured at disposal level.

4. Define budget deficit and trade deficit. The excess of private investment over saving of a country in a particular year was Rs 2,000 crores. The amount of budget deficit was (-) Rs 1,500 crores. What was the volume of trade deficit of that country?
Ans: Budget deficit. It measures the amount by which the government expenditure exceeds the tax revenue earned by it. Budget Deficit = G – T. Trade deficit: It measures the amount of excess expenditure over the export revenue earned by the country. Trade Deficit = M – X

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