NCERT Solutions Class 11 English The Browning Version Terence Rattigan

NCERT Solutions for Class 11 for English Chapter The Browning Version by Terence Rattigan


The Browning Version  - Terence Rattigan 


1. Notice these expressions in the text. Infer their meaning from the context. 




kept in: 

got carried away: 



shriveled up: 



remove: a division in a school 

slackers: lazy students 

muck: useless material 

kept in: detained 

got carried away: got very excited or lost control of one’s feelings due to strong emotions.  

cut: go away without permission 

sadist: a person who gets pleasure out of inflicting pain to others  

shriveled up: having no feelings 


1. Comment on the attitude shown by Taplow towards Crocker-Harris. 


Mr. Crocker Harris seems to be a strict disciplinarian. At the same time he is a hard working teacher and fully devoted to his duty. This is very evident from the incident that he calls Taplow even on the last day of school to make up for his missed class.  Taplow does not appreciate the teacher much, but he tells Frank that in spite of everything, he likes him.  

In his opinion Crocker is hardly human but he is not sadist, as he has no feelings at all. He is indifferent to the feelings shown by his students. He also feels that Crocker is a teacher who cannot appreciate the extra work done by the students. He is like a nut and he seems to hate people who like him. He is not partial nor biased. He also maintains an appropriate distance from his students. He is a teacher who a student can never disobey. Therefore, Taplow feels scared to escape meeting him and waits for him even when Crocker is late. He is respectful towards Crocker and dares not cut the extra work even after Millie Crocker-Harris suggests him to do that.  


2. Does Frank seem to encourage Taplow's comments on Crocker-Harris?  


No, Frank does not encourage Taplow’s comments on Mr. Crocker-Harris. He cleverly asks Taplow several questions that he wants to have an insight of what students think of his colleague. Frank is understanding towards his students and thus, students open up to him quiet easily. He does not appreciate sarcasms on a fellow teacher hence, he points out to Taplow that he got too far in mocking his teacher.  


3. What do you gather about Crocker-Harris from the play?  


Mr. Crocker Harris is a strict disciplinarian who doesn’t compromise on the rules and regulations to satisfy the sentiments of students. He is a hard working teacher and is fully devoted to his duty. He is neither partial nor biased and he tries to maintain an appropriate distance from his students. He is different from young teachers and is grounded to his ideals.  His students respect him out of fear.  No student in his entire career has the courage to 'cut' Mr. Crocker Harris. He is strict with students when it comes to studies but he is not a sadist. His jokes are classical and elite but poor for students as not a single student is able to understand them.  


Talking about the Text 

1. Reading plays is more interesting than studying science. 


Reading plays is a source of entertainment and enjoyment, hence it is hence it is more interesting than studying science.  It makes us imaginative and provides us more ideas about life. It also helps one to develop a critical aptitude which is helpful in our daily life and its problems. Science is all about matter and facts. Learning them is considered as boring whereas reading plays is more fascinating. While reading plays, one also gets to learn about human nature, its vices and virtues which is more interesting than observing the substances and materials. 


Working with Words 

1. A sadist is a person who gets pleasure out of giving pain to others. 

Given below are some dictionary definitions of certain kinds of persons. 

Find out the words that fit these descriptions. 

1. A person who considers it very important that things should be correct or genuine e.g. in the use of language or in the arts: P... 

2. A person who believes that war and violence are wrong and will not fight in a war: P... 

3. A person who believes that nothing really exists: N... 

4. A person who is always hopeful and expects the best in all things: 0... 

5. A person who follows generally accepted norms of behavior: C... 

6. A person who believes that material possessions are all that matter in life: M... 


1. Perfectionist 

2. Pacifist 

3. Nihilist 

4. Optimist 

5. Conventionalist 

6. Materialist 




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