NCERT Solutions Class 11 English Birth AJ Cronin

NCERT Solutions for Class 11 for English Chapter Birth AJ Cronin

Reading with insight 


Q1: "I have done something; oh, God! I've done something real at last." Why does Andrew say this? What does it mean? 


Students should prepare the answer on their own. A model answer is given here for their reference. 

Andrew Manson, says these words as he has been able to do something wonderful. He is able to bring a still born child back to life which seemed impossible in the beginning. The child is the first child of the couple, Mr. and Mrs. Morgan who has been married for nearly twenty years. During the birth of the child, both the child and the mother are in critical condition requiring urgent attention. The nurse dumps the child thinking it to be still born. At first Andrew takes care of the mother and seeing her in the recovery path turns his attention to the child. Andrew finds that the child is a a perfectly formed boy. Its limp white body is white and soft. Its head is hanging loosely on the thin neck. Andrew suddenly understands that it is a case of asphyxia pallid. He orders the nurse to get him cold water and hot water and basins. He lays the child upon a blanket and begins the special method of respiration. Fifteen minutes passes but no breath comes from the body of the child. In sheer desperation, he rubs the child with a towel, crushes and relaxes the chest with both hands. Then a miracle happens. The little chest gives a short, convulsive heave and then another. Andrew redoubles his effort. The child starts gasping, deeper and still deeper. Then comes the child's cry. He hands over the child to the nurse and climbs down the stair. Then he utters the quoted words out of deep satisfaction on achieving the seemingly impossible task. 

It is really a great achievement for Andrew. The above words mean that a doctor is a medium through which God or Almighty grants life to the patients.  


Q2 : There lies a great difference between text book medicine and the world of practising physician. Discuss.  


Students should prepare the answer on their own. A model answer is given here for their reference. 

Text book medicine is purely a science whereas treating a patient is an art. Text book medicine provides with the conceptual framework for treatment but no doctor can treat a patient without the use of his or her intuitive practices. The world of practising physician requires a different set of skills and knowledge. In the story Birth the way Andrew brings back life in the still born child is a testimony to this fact. The nurse at first dumps the child thinking it to be dead. But Andrews takes a chance and the miracle happens. In the beginning, he applies his text book knowledge but the child does not recover. He does not lose heart. He applies his own intuitive method and the miracle then happens. Thus the story ‘Birth’ reveals a theme that treating a human being and getting him recovered is both a science and an art. 



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