NCERT Solutions Class 11 Computer Science Computer overview and its Basics

NCERT Solutions Class 11 Computer Science Computer overview and its Basics. The NCERT solutions for Class 11 Computer Science book have been made by Computer Science teacher of one of the best CBSE school in India. Computer Science in Class 11 is an important and easy to score subject for Class 11 students. These NCERT solutions have been made to give detailed answers and explanations which can be easily understood by the students. You can download the NCERT solutions for free in pdf format. Refer to other links also to download Class 11 Computer Science NCERT solutions, worksheets, sample papers and test papers.

Very Short Answer Type Questions 

Question 1:
Which part interprets program instructions and initiate control operations ?
Answer :
Control unit.

Question 2:
What is primary memory ?
Primary memory : This is the storage section of computer which is used to store data or instructions or both for processing purpose. This is non-volatile in nature.

Question 3:
What is RAM ?
RAM : RAM stands for Random Access Memory.
This is the main memory of computer used to retain user’s instructions and data for processing purpose. This is volatile in nature .

Question 4:
What is ROM ?
ROM : ROM stands for Read Only Memory. ROM applies to semiconductor memory whose contents cannot be altered, once they have been set. So non-volatile in nature.

Question 5:
What is PROM ?
PROM : PROM stands for Programmable Read Only Memory. A control memory in which stored
contents can be altered once after they have been set.

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