CBSE Class 12 Informatics Practices Sample Paper SA2 2013

CBSE Class 12 Informatics Practices Sample Paper SA2 2013.Sample Papers are the very important for every student. The sample papers should be practiced to gain extra marks in examinations. The sample papers have been prepared based on summative assessment1 and summative assessment 2 pattern. The sample papers have been prepared based on pattern of last year examinations and as per latest changes in the syllabus. Students, teachers and parents can download all CBSE educational material and very well prepared worksheets from this website.  All CBSE educational material is developed by our panel of teachers, have also been submitted by CBSE teachers and students. 

Q.1 Answers the Following Question:-

A Which protocol is used for the transfer of hypertext document on the Internet? 

B What is the use of break statement in a loop? 

C What is the difference between a getText() and getPassword() methods. 

D What do you understand by an event and a message? 

E Given the following set of identifiers:

Byte b; char ch; short sh; int intval; long longval; float fl;

Identify the datatype of the following expressions:

(a) intval*longval-ch (b) fl+longval/sh

F Suppose x1 ans x2 are two double type variables that you want to add as integers and assign to an integer variable. Construct a Java statement for doing this.

G Compare and contrast a ListBox control and a ComboBox control. 

Q.2 Answer the following questions:

A What is the purpose of ORDER BY clause in MySQL? How is it different from GROUP BY clause?

B What is the ERROR in the following statement?



C What is the purpose of DROP TABLE command? How is it different from DELETE command?

D What do you mean by committing a transaction? 

E Name ACID properties. 

F How to start a new transaction? 

G What happens to a current transaction, if a DDL command is executed? 

Q.3 Answer the following questions:

A Write any six advantages of XML 

B Consider the following XML coding and check this for well-formedness.


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