CBSE Class 12 Economics Sample Paper 2014 (4)

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1. Define micro economics. 

2. What is meant by budget line? 

3. What happens to total expenditure on a commodity when its price falls and its demand is price elastic? 

4. Define production function. 

5. When is a firm called price taker? 

6. How is production possibility curve affected by unemployment of resources in the economy?

7. From the following data calculate price elasticity of demand: 

CBSE Class 12 Economics Sample Paper 2014 (4)

8. A consumer consumes only two goods X and Y and is in equilibrium. Price of X falls. Explain the reaction of the consumer through the utility analysis. 

9. Distinguish between explicit costs and implicit costs and give examples. 

10. Explain the implications of the feature’ homogeneous products in a perfectly competitive market. 


Explain the implications of the feature ‘barriers to entry’ under monopoly.

11. Due to the increase in population the demand for agricultural land has” increased”. But the supply of agricultural land is fixed. Explain two methods by which the demand for land can be “decreased”. 

12. What does the Law of Variable proportions show? State the behaviour of marginal product according to this law. 


Explain how changes in prices of inputs influence the supply of a product.

13. Define marginal cost. Explain its relation with average cost. 

14. Explain the conditions of consumers equilibrium with the help of indifference curve Analysis. 


Explain the properties of indifference curves.

15. Explain the distinction between ‘’change in quantity supplied” and “change in supply”. Use diagram. 

16. Market for a good is in equilibrium. There is “increase” in supply of the good. Explain the chain of effects of this change. Use diagram. 


17. Define ‘Statutory Liquidity Ratio’. 

18. State the two components of money supply. 

19. State the Say’s Law of markets. 

20. In an economy, the value of MPC is 0.75. Calculate the value of multiplier. 

21. The Indian currency against US $ has appreciated from 50 to 40.What measure the Central Bank can follow to control the situation. 

22. Find out Net Value Added at Factor Cost: 

(i) Price per unit of output ( ) 

(ii) Output sold (units) 1000

(iii) Excise duty ( ) 5000

(iv)Depreciation ( ) 1000

(v) Change in stocks ( ) (-) 500

(vi) Intermediate costs( ) 7000

23. Explain how ‘non-monetary exchanges’ are a limitation in taking GDP as an index of welfare. 

24. Giving reasons, explain the treatment assigned to the following while estimating national Income: 

(i) Social security contributions by employees.

(ii) Pension paid after retirement.


Write any three precautions to be taken while estimating national income by expenditure Method.

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