CBSE Class 9 Science Question Paper Set C

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CBSE Class 9 Science Question Paper Set C. Students can download the last year question papers using the link below. Free download of examination question papers with solutions. Last 10 year question papers should be practised to get better marks in examinations.


1 When 50g of sugar is dissolved in 100 mL of water, there is no increase in volume. What characteristic of matter is illustrated by this observation?

2 Why should beekeeping be done in good pasturage? 

3 Give the difference between homogeneous and heterogeneous mixtures. 

4 Answer the following:

[a] Why an army tank weighing more than a thousand tonne rests upon a continuous chain?

[b] How can you determine using the concept of density whether the object will float or sink in water?

5 A farmer goes to his field and returns home after one hour. Answer the following:

[a] Calculate his average velocity. Can it be same as average speed?

[b] What should he do so that his distance becomes less than his displacement?

6 What are the characteristics of the particles of matter?


State all the factors that affect the rate of evaporation of water and also state how these factors affect it.

7 [a] Why do the doctors advise to put strips of wet cloth on the forehead of a person having high fever?

[b] Why do trees acquire more leaves during summer?

8 You are provided with a mixture containing sand, iron filings, ammonium chloride and sodium chloride. Describe the procedures you would use to separate these constituents from the mixture.

9 Draw a neat labeled diagram of a plant cell. 

10 Raj starts his car and moves along a straight highway with a constant acceleration of 4 m/s2. What is the velocity acquired by his car in 5seconds.

11 Rita had gone to market with her friend Seema, to buy strap for her bag. Rita selected a beautiful thin strap made of beads. But Seema suggested that she should take one with broader straps.

[a] Explain why did Seema suggest for broader straps?

[b] What value do you appreciate in Seema?

12 Answer the following:

[a] Derive ‘g’ from Universal Law of Gravitation.

[b] Two objects of masses m1 and m2 exert a force ‘F’ on each other. What will happen to the force if masses of both objects are doubled?

13 Explain any one method of crop production which ensures high yield.


How do the following factors improve the crop yield?

[a] shorten maturity duration

[b] biotic and abiotic resistance.

[c] wider adaptability

14 Why is animal husbandry essential? 3

15 What are the types of food requirements of dairy animals? Why do external and internal parasites live on and in the cattle can be fatal?  

16 [a]Convert the following temperature to the Kelvin scale:

[i] 250C [ii] 3730C

[b] Compare a block of wood, water and air on the basis of the following :

[i] Compressibility

[ii] Particle motion

[iii] Rigidity

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