CBSE Class 3 Mathematics Activity (1)

CBSE Class 3 Mathematics Activity (1)

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Suppose your mother has made it a rule during summer vacation in your house that everyone

should learn atleast 2 new words everyday. Everyone in the family shares their new words with

the other members Draw the table to show the number of words each family member shared with

rest on the given dates: Do this on an A-4 size sheet.

Members 28.5.13 31.5.13 3.6.13 7.6.13 9.6.13 12.6.13 16.6.13 Total








 On the basis of this table answer the following question

Q1. On which date did the family share the most number of words? _____________

Q2. On which date did they share the least number of words? _________________

Q3. How many words did father share during these dates? ___________________

Q4. How many words did you and your sibling share on 9.6.13? _______________

Q5. Write the total words of all the members with their number names

(i) _____________________________________

(ii) _____________________________________

(iii) _____________________________________

(iv) _____________________________________


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