CBSE Class 10 Science Activities Part (2)

Period Classification of Elements Chapter 5

Assesment Technique: Data Based Worksheet

Objectives: To enable the students to –

● Learn the salient features of Mendeleev’s periodic table

● Appreciate the basis of classification of Mendeleev’s classification of elements.

● Find out the discripencies and demerits in Mendeleev’s Periodic Table.

● Understand the merits of Mendleeve’s periodic classification.

● Study and analyse the given classification table to appreciate the placement of various elements by Mendeleev.




● The teachers may give the following worksheet to the students after teaching- learning episode of need to classify elements and attempts by Dobereiner and Newland to classify the then known elements, emphasizing about the chemical properties and atomic masses that were taken into consideration.

Stundent Worksheet 

Q1. Which chemical compounds of the elements, were used to identify the chemical properties and classify the element.



Q2. Who propounded the given periodic table?


Q3. How many periods and groups are there in the given periodic table?.


Q4. What trend is being followed by the atomic mass of elements ,in the given periodic table?


Q5. In group VIII Cobalt is placed before Nickel though atomic mass of cobalt is more than nickel. Do you find any other pair of elements where an element of higher atomic mass is placed before element of lower atomic mass, give eg.?


Q6. The scientist left some gaps in the Periodic table. How do you think this, helped in the classification 


Q7. What is the basis of classification of elements in the given periodic table?




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