CBSE Class 8 Social Science Resources Concept And Classification Worksheet

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Resources – Concept and Classification

1. Natural resources are the contribution of __________________________.

2. __________________ resources are substances obtained from living beings.

3. ____________________ resources do not exhausted with use.

4. ___________________ means increasing vegetation cover by planting trees.

5. The removal of salinity from sea water by scientific procedure is called_________________.

6. The sum total of resources of all countries is termed as __________________________.

7. Resources owned by an individual are called _______________________.

8. ______________________ resources are obtained by live stock rearing or dairy farming.

Concept and Classification

1. _____________________ means increasing vegetation cover by planting new trees.

2. __________________ means removal of salinity from sea water by scientific procedure using modern technology.

3. ________________ is a vast storehouse of resources.

4. ______________ resources are the sum total of resources of all countries.

5. __________________resources include animal products like milk, meat , fur etc.

6. Sunlight, wind, water are also called ____________________ resources.

7. ________________________ resources are the stock for future use.

8. Coal and Petroleum are known as ______________

9. Of all the resources of the world ___________________ is the most important.

10._________________________ resources include cereals and other food crops.

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