CBSE Class 7 Social Science Revision Worksheet Set C

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Worksheet I- Class VII

Subject- Social Science

Session- 2013-14

Section A (History)

Q1. Give one word for the following:

a) Great respect for someone or something

b)Tomb of an important or holy person

c)Present everywhere at the same time

d)Having the qualities of an experienced politician

e)To copy something achieved by someone else-

Q2. Fill in the blanks:

a) ________________means a spiritual journey.

b) The word __________________ means devotion.

c) The holy book of the _________________ is called the Koran.

d) The central and state government are the main custodians of ___________________.

e) The religious orders of the Sifis were called __________________.

Section B (Geography)

Q1. Write True or False:

a) Oceans provide plenty of seafood.

b) The periodic rise and fall of ocean water twice in a day is called a wave.

c) Natural vegetation is the plant life that grows in a region without human influence.

d) High tides are also called flow tides.

e) There are six major oceans.

Q2. Choose the correct answer:

1) About two-thirds of fresh water is stored in

a)rivers b)ice capcs)i cebergs d)oceans

2) The Atlantic Ocean is

a)L-shaped b)S-shaped c)T-shaped d)O-shaped

3) One of these is not a cold current

a)Oyo Siwo b)East Australian Current c)Labrador Current d)Benguela Current

4) One of the term is not connected with forests

a)rice ivatciounlt b)lumbering c)deciduous d)evergreen

5) One of these is not found in the tundra

a)polar bbe)carrosc odiles c)walruses d)penguins

Section C (Civics)

Q1. Give one word for the following:

a) To examine and repair

b)To teach or accustom to adopt certain habits

c)To increase the amount, value, size, etc.-

d) An amount of money that is paid for a particular work

e)Spreading in an untidy way-

Q2. Match the columns:

a) Whole saler i) Chaeins stor

b) Informal Sector ii) Bulk commodities

c) KFC iii) Nurturers

d) W ome n iv) Social evil

e) Dowry death v) Agriculture, mining, weaving


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