CBSE Class 7 History The Delhi Sultans Worksheet Set B

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Class: VII

Subject: History

State whether true or false:

1. Delhi became an important city only in twelfth century. ( )

2. Raziyya Sultan was the daughter of Sultan Iltutmish ( )

3. The office of muqti was inheritable. ( )

4. Alauddin khalji constructed a new garrison town named Siri. ( )

5. The authors of tawarikh did not advise the Sultans ( )

6. Fakhr-i-Mudabbir was a Delhi sultan. ( )

7. Qutub minar was built by Alauddin Khalji ( )

8. Tawarikh is an important source to find about the Delhi sultanate ( )

Tick the correct answer:

1. Delhi first became the capital of a kingdom under the.

a. Tomaras b. Sultans c. Chauhans

2. Military expeditions into southern India started during the reign of

a. Qutbuttin Aybak b. Jalaluddin Khalji c. Alauddin Khalji

3. Under whom Delhi became a capital that controlled vast area of the subcontinent.

a. Tomaras b. Sultans c. Chauhans

4. Which Delhi sultan shifted the residents of Delhi to the new capital Daulatabad?

a. Muhammad Tughluq b. Jalaluddin Khalji c. Alauddin Khalji

Fill in the blanks:

1. Coins minted at Delhi were called ______________.

2. Delhi sultans favoured their special slaves called _______________.

3. The duty of ____________ was to lead military campaign and maintain law and order in their _____________.

4. Under _______________ the state brought the assessment and collection of land revenue under its own control.

5. There were three types of taxes , a._________________________________ b.___________ c.______________.

6. Mongols under ___________ invaded Delhi sultanate.

7. ________________ started token currency.

8. ________________ started his career as the manager of small territory in Bihar.

9. The Sher Shah Sur’s administration became the model followed by __________.

10. The idea of “three orders” was first formulated in _____________.

11. The three classes according to the “three orders” were

a. ____________ b. ____________ c. _______________


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