CBSE Class 7 History The Mughal Empire Worksheet

CBSE Class 7 History Worksheet (2) - The Mughal Empire - Practice worksheets for CBSE students. Prepared by teachers of the best CBSE schools in India. 


History Class VII

CH-4 ‘The Mughal Empire’

Assignment Number 2

Q1) Name the following :-

     a) T he first Mughal Emperor

     b) The regent of Akbar

     c) The name of book written by Abdul Fazl

     d) The main source of income for the Mughal Empire

     e) Akbar’s revenue minister

      f) The historical building in Delhi which was the residence of Mughal Emperors.

     g) The battlefield where Ibrahim Lodi was defeated by Babu.

Q 2) Fill in the blanks :

     a) Aurangzeb insulted _______________.

     b) Prince Salim was better known as ______________.

    c) _________________ exercised great influence in Jahangi’s court.

    d) Akbar becme the emperor of the Mughal empire at the age of _____________.

   e) The Mughals were related to ____________ on their mother’s side and from their father’s side they were successors of __________.

   f) ____________ and _________ followed Akbar’s policy of governance.

Q2) Define:-

       a. Zabt

       b. Ibadat Khana

       c. Zat

       d. Mansabdar

       e. Din-i-Ilahi

       f. Suba

Q 2) Give short answers

      a) Why did the Mughals emphasise their Timurid and not their Mongol descent ?

      b) Give an account of Akbar Nama and Ain-iAkbari.

      c) What were the main features of Sulh-Kul ?

      d) What were the responsibilities of the Mansabdar ?


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