CBSE Class 7 Geography Worksheets (12) - Water

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I. Choose the correct answer.

1. ________ is celebrated as world water-day.

(a) March 22                  (b) June 5                   (c) April 22

2. Tsunami is a ________ word that means “Harbour Waves”

(a) German                    (b) French                    (c) Japanese

3. The Tsunami of 2004 caused wide spread damage in the coastal areas of ________.

(a) Brazil                        (b) India                     (c) Britain

4. Dead sea in ________ has salinity of 45 parts per thousand. Swimmers can float in it because the increased salt content makes it dense.

(a) India                        (b) Indonesia               (c) Israel

II. Fill in the blanks

1. _________________ is an artificial enclosure for keeping small house plants.

2. ______________ causes evaporation of water vapour.

3. The major sources of fresh water are the rivers, ____________ springs and __________.

4. The water of the earth closer to the moon gets pulled under the influence of the moon’s ________________ and causes high tide.

5. When the sun, the moon and the earth are in the same line and the tides are highest. They are called as __________________ tide.

6. High tides help in navigation and _____________________.

7. The rise and fall of water due to tides Is being used to generate _______________.

8. The areas where a warm and cold current meet experience ______________ weather making it difficult for navigation.

III. True or false

1. The movements that occur in oceans can be broadly categorized as waves, tides and currents.

2. During the full moon and new moon days, the sun, the moon and the earth are in the same line and caused low tides.


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