CBSE Class 7 Geography Water Fresh And Saline Worksheet Set C

CBSE Class 7 Geography Worksheet (5) - Water - Practice worksheets for CBSE students. Prepared by teachers of the best CBSE schools in India. 




Chapter 5: water

Q1. What is terrarium?

Q2. What is water cycle? Draw the diagram also.

Q3. Name sources of fresh water?

Q4 What is salinity?

Q5. On which day is world water day celebrated?

Q6. How are waves formed?

Q7. What is Tsunami?

Q8. Explain spring and neap tides?

Q9. What is the importance of tides?

Q10 Give an account of ocean currents?

Q11. On physical map of the world mark warm &cold currents.

Q12. Distinguish between:-

     a) Waves & ocean currents

     b) Waves &tides

Q13.Give reasons:-

     a) ports of n. w. Europe remain open through out the year.

     b) Ocean currents influence navigation.

     c) deserts are located near cold currents.

Q14 Fill in the blanks:-

      a)The shape and size of waves depends on__________.

      b)The movement of ocean water depends on__________.

      c)The force of tide is used to generate_______.

     d)_________strait connects arctic& pacific ocean.

Q15 Show on world map-------gulf stream, north atlantic drift,Brazilian warm current, kurushio warm current, Labrador c. current California cold current, canary current, west wind drift, oyashio c. current

Q16. How do tides help in trade and fishing?

Q17. Fresh water is precious because it constitutes a small quantity of water present on the earth’s surface must make efforts to save this valuable resource. Discuss the ways to save water in the class and amongst your friends.


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