CBSE Class 7 Geography Our Changing Earth Worksheet Set E

CBSE Class 7 Geography Worksheet (3) - Our changing earth - Practice worksheets for CBSE students. Prepared by teachers of the best CBSE schools in India. 




Chapter 3: Our changing earth

Q1.What are lithospheric plates?

Q2.How are earthquakes and volcanoes caused?

Q3What is a volcano?Explain with the help of a diagram.

Q4.Describe earthquake with the help of a diagram?

Q5.How are the earthquakes predicted?

Q6.How are the earthquakes measured?

Q7.Define weathering?

Q8.Discuss the work of river in detail?

Q9. Discuss the work of sea waves and glaciers?

Q10.What are mushroom rocks,sand dunes and loess?

Q11. Which processes modify the earth?

Q12. Fill in the blanks:-

         a) The act of carrying away weathered particles is called______.

         b) Old and coarse alluvial is called________.

         c) The point where vibrations originate is clled_____.

         d) The highest waterfall is_______.

Q13.What is the depositional feature of the river called?

Q14. The depositional feature formed by sea waves is called________.

Q15. Why is the work of erosion and transportation more in the mountains than in the plains?

Q16. Why do human beings throw waste such as wrappers, plastic bottles, poly bags on roads and in water bodies. Such careless disposal is known as litter. Disscus in detail in the class on what you can do to keep the environment clean?


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