CBSE Class 7 Geography Women Caste And Reforms Worksheet

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CBSE Class 7 Geography - Women, Caste & Reforms

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His - Women, Caste & Reforms


1.Name any two social evils to which women in Indian society were subjugated.

2.What is the meaning of the word "Sati"?

3.What form the basis for the division of Indian society?

4.Who was the founder of the Arya Samaj?

5.What did Raja Ram Mohan Roy do to oppose the caste system?

6.Who was the founder of the Ramakrishna Mission?

7.Write the names of the Countries where the lower caste people went for plantation work.

8.How many "Varnas" are there and what are they?


9.List out any two social evils practiced in the Indian society two hundred years ago?

10.What is Sati?

11.What were the works done by the "untouchable" people?

12.Name the leaders who lent their support for the equality and freedom of women.

13.Name any social reformers who used the religious texts to argue in favour of widow remarriage.

14.When was the Child Marriage Restraint Act Passed? What were its feature?

15.Why did the poor leave their villages and go to cities in the nineteenth century?

16.Who gave the Statement "government of the people, by the people, for the people, Shall not perish

from the earth"?

17.Describe Begum Rokeya Sakhawat Hossain's role in the development of women education.

18.Who set up Schools for tribal groups and "lower" Caste children in India for the first time?

19.How did the poor lower caste people see availability of the job opportunity in cities?

20.Who were the Madigas? And what was their occupation?

21.What was the response of the nationalist leaders to the demands for female suffrage?


22.Write about the names of Varnas and the occupations assigned to them.

23.What was the social condition of the untouchables in the Indian Hindu Society?

24.Who were the social reformers? Name any popular Indian Social reformer.

25.What was the reaction of Hindu nationalists and orthodox religious people towards the improved

social condition of women?

26.What was the condition of education among the Muslim women during the 19th century?

27.What were the activities carried out by women to improve their social conditions?

28.When and where was the Singh Sabha Movement formed?What were its activities?

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