CBSE Class 7 Geography Tribes Nomads And Settled Communities Worksheet

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CBSE Class 7 Geography - Tribes Nomads And Settled Communities

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His Tribes Nomads And Settled Communities


1.The Gonds lived in a vast forested region called ___________.

(A) Gondwana (B) Koyas (C) Berads (D) Vetars

2.What was the basis of division of a society in the larger parts of the subcontinent?

(A) Rules of Varna (B) Rules of Shudras (C) Rules of God (D) None of them

3.What did a tribal group do?

(A) Controlled land and pastures and divided those amongst households according to its own


(B) Fight with each other

(C) Dance together

(D) All of them

4.Which tribe was very influential during the 13th and the 14th century in Punjab?

(A) Gakkhars (B) Gonds (C) Khokhars (D) Langahs

5.Who was the chief of Gakkhar tribe?

(A) Qutbuddin Aybak (B) Kamal Khan Gakkhar (C) Kamal Hassan (D) Asoka

6.The tribe of Balochis belonged to ___________.

(A) South East (B) North East (C) South West (D) North West

7.What adjective has been used for the Gaddis tribe in the chapter?

(A) Lazy (B) Energetic (C) Weak (D) Shepherd

8.Who was Akbar's famous general?

(A) Raja Rammohan Roy (B) Raja Man Singh (C) Rajarajadeva (D)


9.Match the following from the code given below-:

Column A Column B

A. Clan (i)Clearing of one piece of land and sowing

seeds on another


B. Nomads (ii)Wandering People

C. Shifting Cultivation (iii)Group of families claiming descent from a



(A) A(iii),B(ii),C(i) B) A(i),B(ii),C(iii) C) A(ii),B(iii),C(ii) D) None of them

10.Which tribe has followed Islamism?

(A) Tribes of Punjab (B) Tribes of Sind (C) Tribes of North West Frontier (D) All

of them

11.According to the Akbar Nama, how many villages did the Gond kingdom have?

(A) 10,000 (B) 20,000 (C) 50,000 (D) 70,000

12.The Gond Kingdom was divided into ________.

(A) Garhs (B) Chaurasi (C) Barhots (D) Villages

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