CBSE Class 7 Geography Towns Traders And Craftsmen Worksheet Set C

CBSE Class 7 Geography - Towns Traders And Craftspersons

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His - Towns Traders And Craftspersons


1.Who was Kunjaramallan Rajaraja Perunthachchan?

(A) Astrologer (B) Architect (C) Priest (D) Ruler

2.Where did kings held theircourts? (A) Mandapas (B) Viharas (C) Courtyard (D) Baoli

3.Thanjavur is an example of _______________.

(A) Administrative center (B) Temple town (C) Commercial bank (D) All of them

4.Bronze is an alloy. What is it made of? (A) Tin (B) Copper (C) Brass (D) Both option 'a' and 'b'

5.Match the following according to the code given below -:

Column A Column B

A.Bhillasvamin (i)Tamil Nadu

B.Somnath (ii) Andhra Pradesh

C.Madurai (iii)Madhya Pradesh

D.Tirupati (iv)Gujarat

(A) A(iii),B(iv),C(i),D(ii) (B) A(i),B(ii),C(iii),D(iv)

(C) A(iv),B(iii),C(ii),D(i) (D) None of them

6.Vrindavan in Uttar Pradesh and Tiruvannamalai in Tamil Nadu are examples of_________. (A) Administrative Centres (B) Sculpture Centres (C) Pilgrimage Centres (D) None of them

7.Under whose rule was Ajmer made a capital?

(A) Mauryas (B) Chauhans (C) Guptas (D) Pallavas

8.Which lake is in Ajmer? (A) Chilka Lake (B) Dull Lake (C) Himsagar Lake (D) Pushkar Lake

9.What is meant by 'hatta'?

(A) Markets streets lined with shops. (B) Shopping Malls (C) Multiplexes (D) All of them

10.What did a 'samanta' do? (A) They built fortified palace in or near the towns. (B) They levied taxes on traders, artisans and articles of trade. (C) Sometimes they donated the 'right' to collect these taxes to local temples,which had been built by themselves or by rich merchants. (D) All of them

11.Manigramam and Nanadesi are the most famous form of ________.

(A) Monuments (B) Houses (C) Guilds (D) None of them

12.The Panchalas or Vishwakarma community consisted of __________. (A) Goldsmiths and Bronze smiths (B) Blacksmiths (C) Masons and Carpenters (D) All of them

13.What were Saliyar or Kaikkolars?

(A) Weavers (B) Goldsmiths (C) Masons (D) Carpenters

14.Where is Hampi located? (A) Godavari basin (B) Krishna - Tungabhadra basin

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