CBSE Class 7 Geography Thousand Years Worksheet Set C

CBSE Class 7 Geography - Thousand Years (3)

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His Tracing Changes Through a Thousand Years


1.Babar used the term 'Hindustan'

(A) In political sense

(B) In geographical sense

(C) Historical sense

(D) None of these

2.In past the term 'foreigner' meant:

(A) One who was not an Indian

(B) One who was not a part of a specific social unit like village or city etc.

(C) (1) and (2) both

(D) None of these

3.Which of the following is the holy book of Islam religion?

(A) Zent Avesta

(B) Quran

(C) Bible

(D) Shia

4.The term "Rajaputra" is derived from which of the following words?

(A) Rajasthan

(B) Raja Raja Chola

(C) Rajputs

(D) Rajendra Chola

5.What are the divisions in Islam reliigon?

(A) Sunni

(B) Shia

(C) Only a

(D) a & b

6.Ziyauddin Barani wrote his chronicle first in

(A) 1356

(B) 1358

(C) 1456

(D) 1458

7.Who made the map in 1720?

8.Who is a Cartographer?

9.According to Sanskrit Prashasti the eastern limit of Ghiyasuddin Balban's empire was

(A) Assam

(B) Bengal

(C) Punjab

(D) None of these

10.Which one was considered as elite class language?

(A) Sanskrit

(B) Pali

(C) Hindi

(D) None of these

11.Choose the correct statements:

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